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Cisco headsets

Premium headsets built for business, personal and the journey in between

Today’s workplace is evolving and with it the way we work. Whether you are on the go or sitting at your desk, at home or in the office, you are constantly managing unwanted noise – you can hear every device, every person and every conversation, which can be distracting and disruptive.

This is where Cisco's range of headsets comes in.

Which headset are you?

No matter where you are Cisco has a headset for you. Enjoy outstanding audio performance and powerful noise isolation in a lightweight form factor, with the flexibility you need to stay productive in any environment.

what headset are you?

Work in a busy office?

Cisco's noise-cancellation technology allows you to work comfortably even in the noisiest of environments.

what headset are you?

Constantly on the go?

Cisco headsets go where you go, so you can connect to your meetings wherever you are.

what headset are you?

What about relaxing?

Cisco headsets offer premium sound quality for the ultimate music experience.

Why choose Cisco headsets?

  • Premium sound quality
  • Noise-cancellation technology
  • Fully integrated with Cisco’s Webex solutions
  • Optimised for use with Cisco IP phones and soft clients
  • Fieldbase management all in one place
  • Designed with you in mind

Why choose Comstor?

  • Cisco's #1 distributor
  • 100% focused on Cisco
  • 25 years experience in everything Cisco
  • Cisco largest distributor
  • Most accredited experts in the channel 

Don't overlook headset management

Many modern office headsets require software on a laptop to manage settings, which someone has to manage, taking up a lot of valuable time. With Cisco, you can now manage and troubleshoot all Cisco headsets from within your existing Cisco infrastructure. 

Inventory management features include summaries, custom reports and connection status for all headsets and models in use. You can apply customisable configuration templates for simple, straightforward headset deployment.

This allows remote firmware upgrades and compliance and policies management. Meanwhile, proactive diagnostics data provides issue detection and troubleshooting, debugging logs and call-quality data.