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Jabra PanaCast huddle rooms

The conference rooms of tomorrow

The workplace is changing. The modern, multi-purpose office featuring open offices, shared workspaces and hot-desking is here. Businesses are now designing flexible spaces to support today’s mobile and dispersed workforce.

Organisations around the world are embracing a more flexible and agile approach to getting things done. This digital workforce is being empowered by new and intuitive solutions such as cloud communications, collaboration tools, and huddle rooms.

Key to maximising the utility of huddle rooms are simple yet capable video-conferencing solutions such as Jabra's PanaCast.

Video conferencing in huddle rooms is witnessing exponential growth

$1.50 billion

market revenues for huddle room
video conferencing devices by 2023


3.33 million

huddle rooms globally, but only 3%
enabled for video conferencing


70% of meeting rooms

projected to be replaced by
huddle rooms by 2022

Small space, big benefits

More than just a design trend, the huddle room is a part of digital transformation for businesses. Pop into spontaneous meetings, host video chats with colleagues around the world, or hold conference calls with clients – all with minimal cost and set-up.

The Jabra PanaCast is a plug-and-play device designed to maximise the potential of huddle rooms. By using three 13-megapixel cameras, 4k video technology and real-time video stitching the Jabra PanaCast allows for a 180° view with no blind spots.

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Set up a huddle room with PanaCast

Setting up a huddle room with Jabra PanaCast is simple – just plug into your laptop or computer’s USB and you’re ready to go.

PanaCast works with all leading video- and audio-conferencing solutions, and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams.

Watch our video to find out more.

Key benefits of Jabra PanaCast


Expand your offer and increase sales

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular, and the number of companies using huddle rooms is expected to increase by 35% over the next five years. Offer your customers a complete solution and increase your market share.


Cross-sell to Jabra Speak users

A unique perspective distinguishes the PanaCast from other comparable solutions in the market. When combined with a Jabra Speak device, it adds a visual layer to an already superior audio solution.


Increase reach with a new UC solution

Offer your customers the chance to add Panoramic 4K video image to their huddle rooms. Patented technology provides a 180° coverage of the room, increasing meeting effectiveness and driving UC adoption.


Maximise your customers' space

With a video technology that provides a full 180° image, there are no invisible areas, even in small huddle rooms. Reduce the distance between the camera and the table to zero without leaving anyone out of the picture.