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AWS Reseller Program details

How to Register for the AWS Reseller Program through Westcon-Comstor:

You will need to have a valid APN account, complete the minimum accreditation requirements, 2 x Technical Professional and 2 x Business Professional, and sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement.


NB: 'Distribution Seller' is the AWS term for a Reseller, transacting via Distribution.


By submitting the form below, you will initiate the DocuSign process to sign the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement (DSA). AWS will send the DSA directly to the person entered as the signatory below via DoucSign, provided you have a valid APN ID, and meet the minimum accreditation requirements.


You can review the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement here.


To receive AWS discounts via Westcon-Comstor, you must have signed the AWS Distribution Seller Agreement to transact with Westcon-Comstor, registered via the Westcon-Comstor APN link & have a Westcon-Comstor Trading Account.