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Milestones to Success Program

Successful networking business with Westcon and Extreme Networks

The Milestones to Success Programme is an exclusive reseller program from Westcon that will help your company easily and profitably build and expand its networking business with Extreme Networks.

We will lead you on a clearly defined path and supply you with comprehensive information and support offers. As you progress and reach milestones, you'll get rewards for your commitment.

A climb worth making

On your way to success, you will pass through various stations that have the following in store for you:

  • Gamified Education
  • Product Testflights
  • Practical webinars
  • Useful tools
  • Sales and pre-sales support
  • Ready-to-use marketing campaign
  • Free Access Point

Once you have climbed to the top, Westcon will reward your company with $500 so you can celebrate the success with your team in a team event of your choice. 

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Your path to success

Who can participate?

New and existing Authorized Extreme Networks Partners in EMEA

Program Period:

01. July 2023 – 30. June 2025

You can enter the program during the entire period.

How do I participate?

  • Register your interest in participation on our website
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • We will check the requirements for your participation.
  • If the requirements are fine, you can start your path to success.
  • Set up your team and follow the path.
  • Start selling Extreme Solutions through Westcon. 
  • Look forward to comprehensive information and support offers.
  • Claim your free Access Point when you reach the milestone.
  • Once you have climbed to the top, you will receive $500 for a team event of your choice. 

Are you ready for your journey to extreme success in networking business?

Explore program details

Terms and conditions

  • Extreme Networks Authorized Partners in EMEA are eligible to participate if they register on the website, accept the terms and conditions of participation and are confirmed in writing by Westcon. Extreme Networks Diamond and Gold Partners are excluded from this program.
  • Registration is on behalf of the company, not the individual.
  • The program runs from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2025. Entry into the program is possible during the entire period.
  • Only those task points and milestones are considered fulfilled that are completed within the programme period and confirmed by Westcon and/or Extreme.
  • The participating partner is responsible for providing evidence of completed task points by email (eg with screenshots, photos, emails).
  • The participating partner, who is able to demonstrably fulfill all task points and thus reach all milestones, will receive $500 for a team event of their choice.
  • The Extreme Networks project to be completed with Westcon must demonstrate a minimum of $ 10,000.00 net or $ 20,000.00 List Opportunity.
  • Prizes will be given to business owners or managers or persons authorized by them for distribution. Cash payment is not possible. Winners will be notified in writing.
  • Westcon is not responsible for any tax liabilities of the partner. By taking an active role in selecting and organizing your employees' participation in this program, you are responsible for declaring and paying all applicable national payroll tax and social security obligations related to this program, even though Westcon is providing the prizes. Westcon will ensure that you have sufficient information to make this declaration.
  • This program applies to all Extreme Networks business with Westcon, excluding Renewals.
  • Only partners who provide end user data as needed will qualify for this program.
  • Westcon reserves the right to withdraw or change the program or rewards at any time.
  • Any queries regarding this incentive should be submitted in writing to