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Cloud simplicity meets better Wi-Fi

Ruckus offers partners a comprehensive range of converged networking solutions including switching, wireless access, analytics and cloud management. Serving customers from SMB to enterprise, partners can easily design, deploy, manage and expand networks, creating real sales value with bespoke services.

The combination of Ruckus and CommScope provides greater technology, solutions and employee talent, with broader access to new and growing markets. This combination results in a communications company with unmatched breadth, depth and capabilities.

Partnership in practice

  • Dedicated team: our vendor-centric sales and marketing teams create sustainable, long-term Ruckus business for partners
  • Enablement: we help partners maximise the vendor channel programmes by leveraging all sales and marketing resources available
  • Global but local: our worldwide experience ‘on the ground’ give us deep knowledge and insight into Ruckus solutions, challenges and market opportunities

CommScope – now meets next


Partner opportunities


Ruckus Cloudpath

No matter where you are – schools, colleges, hotels or public venues – the first thing visitors ask is “How do I get on the Wi-Fi?” With the Ruckus Cloudpath Enrollment System you can provide secure guest access for all visitors on any device, without involving the IT helpdesk.

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Ruckus Analytics

Do you want unprecedented levels of visibility across everything that’s happening in your networks? Look no further than Ruckus Analytics from CommScope for deep insight and service assurance for enterprise network environments.

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Ruckus Wi-Fi 6

Enterprise wireless is critical infrastructure for business. And a recent independent Packet6 test revealed that Ruckus AP was the only AP that met enterprise-grade service levels in a real-world, high-density environment.

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Ruckus Cloud network platform

A converged network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT teams to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply.

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The last switch you'll ever make

Combine scalable network switches and Wi-Fi to enable converged network management to meet future connectivity demands.

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Getting the most from Ruckus



Ruckus solutions are affordable, scalable and easy to manage. Request a demo to see proof of execution at one of our many customers across the region.

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PartnerView and BlueSky

Our partner portals make it even easier to do business with us by providing the information you need, when you need it.

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