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Office 365 Backup by Metallic

Backup O365 with Commvault Metallic from the Azure Marketplace 

Your clients are looking for a multi-layered approach to data protection and security for their Office 365 environments. You need Metallic from Commvault. 

It would help if you really were selling Commvault on Azure

Now available through the Azure Marketplace, as a Westcon-Comstor partner, you can offer your clients Metallic™ Office 365 Backup & Recovery eDiscovery Edition from Commvault.

What’s in the “box”? An enterprise-grade cloud backup solution for Office365 with unlimited Azure Cloud storage and zero egress costs. It’s perfect for customers looking to add compliance capabilities to their data backup and recovery environment and procure it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). 




Why Commvault? An approved and accredited Azure Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Commvault’s Metallic solution (available on Azure Marketplace) delivers hardened security protocols, including multifactor authentication, advanced data encryption, and zero-trust user access controls.

Why do you need it? A SaaS-based offering, it's easy to procure and even easier to deploy. As a Westcon-Comstor CloudPlace partner, you can confidently transact on the Azure Marketplace, and our relationship with Commvault as an ISV ensures you don't have to jump through hoops to acquire the solution.

Suppose your client IS NOT concerned about the impacts of human error, malicious software, hacking or internal security threats. Then don’t get this solution. ONLY get it if they understand the value of securing their data and putting it in a third-party vault. This is the perfect use case for Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery eDiscovery Edition from Commvault, and it's all on Azure Marketplace. 

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Ready solutions:


Sales Benefit

Counts towards Azure consumed revenue and opened new profitable routes to market through digital platforms. You benefit from added rebates, and it's 100% SaaS, so there is no hardware requirement.


Fulfil these needs

Create backup data copies and store them outside source data so backups are immutable, available, and safe from malicious attacks.


Need compliance?

This data protection solution meets all industry compliance requirements mapped out by governing bodies and regulatory frameworks.


Why CloudPlace?

CloudPlace is designed to help onboard you onto cloud marketplaces (in this case, Azure), remove the admin on your behalf, and give you access to a host of ISV offerings.