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Compliance in the call space: Helping customers meet regulatory requirements

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Bart Scheffer

EMEA Marketing Director Cloud & Collaboration

Communication compliance can pose distinct challenges for businesses, necessitating tactful call recording to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Bart Scheffer explores how call recording with the right solution can give businesses peace of mind.

Communication compliance is a business necessity that requires careful attention. To ensure business interactions play by the rules, organisations turn to call recording.

Call recording helps businesses maintain transparency, resolve disputes, and ensure the quality, security, and compliance of their customer interactions.

The value of call recordings is also enhanced by the growth of cloud-based solutions and demand for integrated systems. Cloud-based solutions offer secure storage and easy accessibility to recorded meetings from anywhere, while integrated systems allow for those recordings to be connected with the day-to-day operations of the business.

With over half of businesses today on Microsoft Teams – and some using Teams as a contact centre – most can simply tap into its call recording functionality. But is this enough?

Prudent businesses will know that you can’t cut corners or do the bare minimum when it comes to communication compliance. To navigate the complexities effectively, organisations should bring in reinforcements.

SmartTAP 360⁰ by AudioCodes

SmartTAP 360⁰ by AudioCodes  is a great contender to support your customers in meeting compliance requirements. This intelligent enterprise recording solution enables businesses to fulfil recording, quality management, and malicious call tracking requirements by seamlessly capturing enterprise calls through Teams.

Customers on Teams can seamlessly apply SmartTAP 360° Live to record all voice, video, and IM interactions for later-stage AI analysis, while meeting regulatory compliance demand. It also comes with systematic, high-quality recording to enable continuous development and optimisation of voice AI technologies.

Case study

A great example of SmartTAP 360⁰ in action is at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK. Their IT department undertook efforts to integrate Teams and on-prem telephony together, but this led to a gap in compliance. So, they sought a solution that was:

·        Cloud native

·        Easy to deploy

·        Would integrate well with their Microsoft tech stack

·        Would work well in Azure

Not only did SmartTAP 360⁰ answer these requirements, but they also found it to be a nice fit in terms of tech and speed of deployment. In fact, their Head of IT Technical Services deemed it “one of the easiest things we’ve done.”

SmartTAP 360⁰ gave the Trust the ability to display that all calls are recorded, allowing them to be more transparent and ticking legal and compliance boxes. They also integrated with Azure to give employees access to their own recordings.

The heightened transparency and accessibility not only empowered their employees but also provided the business with a sense of reassurance and peace of mind.

To help your customers sleep better at night, work with us and AudioCodes to deliver the dream Teams experience. Leverage our experts as an extension of your own, and leave the infrastructure to us. Find out more