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Trademarks policy

Updated on 9 February 2011

The “Westcon” name has become synonymous with high quality products and services and Westcon’s trademarks and trade names are valuable assets. Westcon actively guards against violations of its trademarks in order to protect its identification in the marketplace. Westcon does understand that third-parties have some legitimate needs to associate themselves with Westcon and use the Westcon marks to show affiliation.

Without written permission from Westcon, you may not use Westcon’s trademarks, service marks, or names in a manner that suggests affiliation or association with Westcon. Only those individuals and entities with written permission from Westcon are allowed to use Westcon’s trademarks in accordance with the terms of the approved license.

Westcon currently employs many different trademarks. Our trademarks may exist in a variety of forms, including the following, without limitation, Letters, Words, Logos and Designs, Images and Colors, Slogans, Product Shapes and Packaging, and Sound.

Westcon understands that the use of Westcon trademarks, excluding any Westcon logos, may be necessary to refer to Westcon’s products or services. Any of these uses must be accurate and descriptive in nature and comply with this Policy and these Guidelines.

Without permission, you may NOT:

  • Use a Westcon trademark or name in a way that might confuse a user about the origin of a product, service, or other offering.
  • Use a Westcon trademark or name as part of a name of copy, product, service, solution, technology, or program.
  • Use a Westcon trademark or name in a way that dilutes, defames, disparages, or otherwise damages Westcon’s reputation.
  • Use any trademark or name in a way that is confusingly similar to a Westcon trademark or name.
  • Copy or otherwise imitate any Westcon trade dress, type style, logo, product, or packaging.
  • Copy or otherwise imitating the look, design, or overall visual impression of any Westcon website, blog, or other material.
  • Register domain names that use any Westcon trademark or name, and/or applying for a registration for a trademark or name that is confusingly similar to a Westcon trademark or name.

To avoid infringement of any Westcon trademark, you may NEVER engage in the following activities with respect to trademarks UNLESS you receive express authorization from Westcon beforehand:

  • Using a Westcon trademark or name to imply an affiliation or association between Westcon and a third-party.
  • Using any Westcon corporate logo or other trademark (or trade name) in any third-party materials.

Permissible Use Guidelines

Should Westcon permit you to use a Westcon trademark or trade name in some way, these additional guidelines must be followed:

  • Use the ® or ™ symbol in connection with any Westcon trademark and the following acknowledgment of Westcon’s ownership of its marks and/or logos: “[insert permissible mark] is a/are registered trademark[s] or trademark[s] of Westcon Group, Inc., and/or its affiliates in the United States, European Union and certain other countries.”
  • Never alter, adapt, animate, or otherwise transform any Westcon trademark or name. This includes abbreviations, shortenings, hyphenations, combinations with other letters or numbers, combinations with other logos or designs, incorrect spellings and capitalizations.
  • The Westcon name or Westcon trademarks should be visually distinguishable from a third-party name and any associated products and services. Never use a Westcon trademark or name as a visual focal point, or make it appear more prominent that any other name.
  • Do not place a Westcon trademark or name beside a third-party name, or a third-party product or service, or use it as a part of another product, service, solution, or program name.
  • All references to Westcon or use of any Westcon trademark or name must be truthful and accurate, and the nature of the relationship between Westcon and any third party must be made clear.
  • Only use a Westcon trademark or name as an adjective qualifying a noun, and a Westcon trademarks or names may not be used in a plural or possessive form.

View additional Westcon copyrighted materials and trademarks policies which also remain in effect.

Should you have further questions regarding the use of Westcon copyrighted materials and trademarks, please for further information.

Permission To Use Inquires

To request permission to use Westcon trademarks, please contact for more information.


Both this policy and all other Westcon trademark and copyright policies are subject to change at any time and without notice.

This Policy document is not intended to serve as legal advice. Consult your attorney if you have questions regarding your legal rights or duties.