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Unleashing the unstoppable enterprise



NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders Platform enables real-time network visibility for performance, security and availability at any scale. Trusted by over 3000 customers including 90% of the Fortune 100, NETSCOUT is a recognised leader in the areas of cloud, cybersecurity, DDoS and mobile networks.

Partnership in practice

  • Affiliated vendors: NETSCOUT and Cisco have a history of working together, from SP managed by Cisco to physical blades in Cisco ASRs. NETSCOUT is also a trusted Palo Alto Networks technology partner with validated integrations with Panorama and Cortex XSOAR. 
  • Global distribution: we manage opportunities for partners, wherever they are in the world
  • Business development: programmes include personal business plans to drive revenue and partner experience
  • RMA support: returns services are available on APS and AED devices within 48 hours

The power of NETSCOUT

NETSCOUT solutions

Protecting firewalls from external threats

800,000+ DDOS attacks per month in 2020

Due to the complexity and the sheer amount of actions an NGFW has to perform, it can't keep up with the demands of the threats we see today. DDoS attacks in particular can overload a firewall leaving you vulnerable to threat actors.

Find out more about how NETSCOUT's products and solutions can help protect your business by detecting and stopping threats.

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Perfect calls and collaboration every time

74% of organisations intend to make employees permanently remote

With more users working from home and a lack of visibility across the hugely complex service chain of UCC deployments using VOIP, Instant Messaging or video conference such as Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams, performance issues can be difficult to pinpoint and fix.

Find out more how NETSCOUT's products and solutions can keep your team working collaboratively, wherever they are.

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Be 5G ready now

89% of CIOs see 5G as a requirement or something they would like to implement

From digital transformation to IoT, the rapid adoption of private 5G networks introduces new security and technical challenges.

Find out how NETSCOUT's products and solutions keep you confident of your mission- and business critical applications and services.

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Regain visibility across multi/hybrid-cloud environments

84% of organisations are using more than one cloud service

Multi-and hybrid-cloud strategies have opened the door to great transformational change, and new digital-centric businesses are emerging that are far more agile and innovative than anything seen before. However, it has also added significant complexity and risk for IT teams, including lack of visibility and the need for end-to-end security assurance.

Find out how NETSCOUT's products and solutions can provide unmatched visibility for your IT teams.

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Harness edge computing, with the SMART Edge

75% of enterprise generated data will be created and processed at the edge

5G, IoT, digital transformation, cloud migration, SaaS adoption and a newly hybrid workforce have increased the complexity of the connected world. As migrations have occurred, gaps in performance visibility have impeded problem resolution.

Find out how NETSCOUT's products and solutions give you the visibility you need to solve performance issues.

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Westcon services

With complementary services at each stage of the project lifecycle, we can help you scale your business, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase margins. Use our global reach and team of experts to unlock more services opportunities, deliver greater value and build better customer relationships.

Support services

  • L1 and L2 telephone/email support via the Westcon services portal
  • Advanced spares for AED devices across Europe, 48 hours SLA
  • Competitively priced assurance for the most severe service issues

Professional services

  • Project-based service request for on-site coverage
  • Installation support across EMEA
  • Rack and Stack, Smart Hands and remote configuration
Support services Professional services