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Shadean Vermeulen

Marketing Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa

No matter where you are in the world, new businesses have a hard time getting the kick start they need to grow and sustain themselves. But each market has its own distinct features, challenges and cultural norms, and Africa is no different. Our Enterprise Development programme driving partner success by helping companies across the continent grow their business, operate more effectively, and build their resilience. 

We do this by helping define business processes and vendor relationships as well as deliver marketing-as-a-service solutions. We spoke to Ali Kamissoko, Founder and Director of Kamital Afrique, about how 18 months in the programme has helped him take his business up a level.

Matching ambition with capabilities

Kamital Afrique has been developing and sourcing software and technology solutions for public and private sector clients across Africa for several years. In this time, the company has established itself in the telecommunications industry where it helps its clients reduce their IT operating and capital expenditure costs. But the company needed a hand to scale its operations effectively as it grew its customer base. That’s where we came in.

"The Enterprise Development programme allows Kamital to be more resourceful and increase our technical capability,” Ali says.

“We rely on Westcon’s team of pre- and post-sales resources to help us not only deliver on our promises to our customers, but to position us as trusted advisors in the eyes of our customers.”

— Ali Kamissoko
Founder and Director, Kamital Afrique

Among other things, we’ve helped the company produce some highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns that have powered its growth in a very competitive environment. “Having Westcon on our side has really boosted our ability to showcase to potential customers that we have the know-how, capability and relationships to deliver a complete end-to-end solution,” says Ali.

Partnership is the secret ingredient

But the strength of any commercial partnership is about more than marketing. As one of our partners, we don’t want to just help Ali and his team reach more potential clients – we want to use our global scale, resources and insights to make sure they have the tools to turn leads into repeat customers and build long-term, sustainable growth.

Building Kamital Afrique’s internal capabilities and skills is a big part of this. "Westcon has a team of experts with the experience and industry-appropriate certifications to design enterprise solutions that tackle complex business logic by not only developing technologies but partnering with global vendors that are leaders in their field,” says Ali. “This enables Kamital to offer its customers direct access to Remote Learning, Modern Workplace, Security, Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 cloud solutions.”

One of the most successful outcomes of the programme so far has been helping Kamital become a Microsoft partner. We worked with Ali and his team to define its go-to-market strategies and create more targeted marketing campaigns. This means the company is not only securing more leads and turning them into sales but growing its portfolio and reach too. And we are helping it every step of the way. 

Helping partners reach their full potential

Being a member of the Enterprise Development programme has kickstarted an exciting new chapter in Kamital Afrique’s journey. But there is more to come. As the company continues to grow its capabilities and customer base, we’ll continue to support it as best we can. “Our partnership with Westcon really allows us to be more resourceful and increase our technical ability,” says Ali.

We are really thrilled with the results we’ve been able to achieve working alongside Ali and his team. Their continued and increased success is our success too, and their involvement in the programme means that the best is probably yet to come.

Unlike other distributors, Westcon has embedded itself in our world and provided real, hands-on support to help us grow

— Ali Kamissoko
Founder and Director, Kamital Afrique

“Our partnership means we can offer our clients market-leading support and enterprise solutions.”

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