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Looking after Customer Service for the Nordics, Sawsen makes sure the inflow, or customer requests, are assigned and indexed, and all open cases are being fixed. She also works extensively with our PartnerView portal; this gives partners the ability to track their returns, which she monitors to check how we can continuously improve the customer experience.

Mentoring success

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with really supportive managers. They have trusted my potential, given guidance, tested my abilities and given me plenty of challenges. I’ve met many people in different countries too – all very supportive, friendly, and open to sharing their experience and best practice. I embarked on a mentoring initiative which was a remarkable milestone in my journey. I learned a lot from Donna Bain, Senior Vice President HR, especially on how to support the business better. The results were significant: I became heavily involved in the SAP implementation and its success in the MAT region, and joined the Women@Westcon committee promoting diversity across the business.

Realising potential

There’s a truly diverse workplace culture here, and the business invests in its people. It’s a very dynamic and agile business too – it’s fulfilling to work in such a lively environment, both professionally and personally. I recognise how beneficial is to listen to those with more experience than you. Looking back, I was more reserved when I started, but thanks to the support of the people I’ve worked with, I’m much more confident in my abilities now and ready to share my opinions. 

Next steps

I’m very proud to have been part of the MAT team that produced 30% year‑on‑year growth, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of a new role for a new region as a Sales Operations Specialist. I plan to bring my technical and analytical skills to the new role in the Nordics, and exploring a more creative approach to solving business challenges – how innovation can deliver better results and improve performance.