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Hesitation to innovation: Contact Centre transformation made easy with Avaya

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Vicki Zujewicz

UK&I Marketing Executive - Cloud & Collaboration • Sales

If you asked a handful of businesses what ‘innovation’ means to them, you’d likely get several different answers. But among your client-facing customers, there’s an emerging requirement: making the shift to Contact Centres as a Service (CCaaS).

In today’s dynamic environment, traditional, on-premise contact centres are falling behind. Persevering with high costs, limited scalability, and the technical burden of on-prem, businesses are losing out on more cost-effective and adaptable cloud-based solutions. CCaaS isn't just for large enterprises; it encompasses the abilities any modern business needs to compete and thrive in today’s market.

CCaaS is key to meeting customer expectations, which increasingly demand seamless, responsive experiences across the devices and channels of their choice. In fact, 73% of consumers want the ability to effortlessly move between channels, while also using an average of nine touchpoints to engage with companies. CCaaS gives businesses the tools to better fulfil these demands, such as omnichannel support, seamless transitions, on-demand scalability, and more.

Given the advantages and competitive edge CCaaS offers, you can’t help but wonder: why aren’t more businesses further along in their innovation journey?

Taking the fear out of innovation

Businesses hesitate to innovate for various reasons, including trying to understand what innovation actually entails in today’s landscape. Setting the scene with use cases, statistics, and examples to show the impact CCaaS could be making on their businesses now and in the future is incredibly valuable.

Fear is an understandable but often growth-stunting factor, which can only be overcome with illuminating information and working closely with customers.

A second challenge is the fear of disruption. Naturally, businesses will be concerned about the downtime and the potential consequences changes could have on their employee and customer experience.

Innovation made easy: Avaya Experience Platform

Avaya is simplifying the innovation journey for customers with Avaya Experience Platform. This offering is designed to help companies of all sizes innovate without disruption, making for a modern employee and customer experience.

Avaya Experience Platform’s features and functions set your customers on a path they can be empowered by – and proud of. These include:

  • AI speech analytics and noise removal for quicker, clearer resolution
  • Intelligent attribute-based routing to match customer interactions with the best suited agent
  • Workforce engagement tools to help supervisors coach more effectively, such as in-call monitoring and live coaching
  • Automation and self-service to allow customers to choose their own experience, while reducing repetitive routine calls for agents

It helps organisations manage customer interactions (voice and digital) and track performance in real time with customer-based data and metrics.

Avaya Experience Platform is suitable for both on-prem contact centres or customers who are ready to move fully to the cloud. No matter where they are in their journey, you can get your customers connected across every touchpoint with ease, maximising their experience and customer satisfaction.

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