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Partner success: “We’re with you every step of the way”

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Antony Byford

VP Cloud Collaboration Europe

As a trusted global technology provider, we are at the centre of digitally-driven business transformation. We live the market dynamics and demands of our industry. But to find out why partners really want to work with us, we went to the frontline to talk to someone who works with partners every day: Antony Byford, VP Cloud Collaboration Europe.

Why do partners work with us? We’re one of a kind. Unique. Original. A global distribution specialist. Our difference goes deeper than what we deliver though. It’s a mindset and an attitude. A pursuit of growth, innovation and disruption born out of our quest to be different and to lead from the front.

Why should partners buy into that vision?

We are a trusted technology provider. We’ve been in the industry for over 35 years and are trusted to create value and deliver partner success at a global scale with local expertise. Our value is listening to our partners’ goals and challenges, so we know how we can drive partner success and deliver solutions that matter to them today – and what will matter tomorrow.

That’s why partners want to work with us. Not only have we created vendor ecosystems that create sticky solutions for them to sell, we’ve also invested heavily in data that helps identify where the opportunities are in specific verticals, markets and end users. This means their teams can start the right conversation with their customers, exploring their needs and proposing the right solution.

Trust goes both ways, why should partners trust us?

Trust drives success and long term strategic partnerships. It’s that simple. Our partners know we’re with them every step of the way. For example, they often trust us to work directly with a vendor to get the best bid price before registering the deal for them. That’s a whole other level of trust!

Our partners also expect us to identify and propose the best solutions and emerging technologies to invest in, knowing we’ll help them with certifications, and give them their first leads. Our partners can’t keep across every new solution, technology, vendor or partner programme – they need a technology partner like us to guide them on what to invest in and when.

And then our partners trust us to train and enable their sales teams on these new technologies and help them position new solutions so they generate qualified leads. And as the channel transforms, partners need our help to adapt and adopt new business models, moving from traditional sales cycles to customer success, from hardware to software and XaaS.

You succeed, we succeed

Partner success is about shared goals and shared success, and that means delivering on business outcomes. Whether this is greater revenues, profitability, or stickiness from being more relevant to the end user and relevant with the vendor by accelerating their go-to-market. Only by making our partners successful can we be successful.

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