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How Flex funded a global Silver Peak deal with locked in pre-pay discounts

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James Harrison

Marketing Consultant

The challenge: how to deliver upfront billing when the customer wants periodic.

A global partner of Westcon-Comstor had an opportunity to deploy Silver Peak to a global customer across 68 sites worldwide. It was an exciting opportunity, but the partner had some concerns about processing such a large, global deal:

Our teams worked hard to bring this opportunity to life, and we were all very excited about it. But we were also concerned about how we would structure the deal in a way that didn’t put our business at risk.

— Global partner



As a ‘born-in-the-cloud’ business, our partner offers solutions and services on a subscription basis to their customers. Because not all vendors and suppliers offer subscription billing, our partner often had to pay for their customer’s licences upfront, and then bill their customers monthly. This put huge strain on their cashflow.

They needed a flexible payment solution that would help ease the financial strain, align their billing and invoicing schedules, and simplify their cross-country admin challenges. They also didn’t want to miss out on the pre-pay discount that Silver Peak was offering.

The solution: a complete, customised flexible payment solution built from scratch

After hearing about their challenges, Michelle Woolrich, International BDM for Westcon-Comstor, approached the partner and offered them a tailormade repayment proposal. Although they were in talks with a third-party financial services provider at the time, they agreed to an exploratory call with the Westcon Flex team.

Michelle and her team collected all the background info and got to work on a highly customised flexible payment solution that met all of their requirements. They were surprised when they saw the proposal because they hadn’t expected the level of customisation in the payment plan:

We’d been in talks with another financial services house at the time, and with them it’s a case of picking what you want off a menu. With Westcon’s offering, they’d come up with a financial service that was completely custom built for us and met all our requirements.”

— Michelle Woolrich
International BDM for Westcon-Comstor

The solution: success now, and in the future

The partner closed the deal and paid for their licences flexibly on a schedule that suited them, taking advantage of the pre-pay discount from Silver Peak, and synchronising their billing and invoices.

They could also place multiple country orders through the UK which took the hassle out of cross-country billing.

As an added benefit, the flexible payment solution is designed for multiple deals and available to our partner whenever they need it. They can close bigger deals in the future without the financial and admin hassles, and still enjoy the extra discounts.

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How Flex funded a global Silver Peak deal with locked in pre-pay discounts. Download this success story as a PDF:

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