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Circular Technology Solutions

All round better

Circular is gathering momentum

The linear approach to IT resource consumption needs to change. Our Circular Technology Solutions are driving this change.

More and more vendors are taking a circular economic approach to remanufactured products and solutions, improving sustainability and reducing manufacturing carbon emissions.

And, with economic benefits too. Not only giving partners greater competitiveness, additional revenue opportunities and stronger margins, but also reducing the impact and risk of unauthorised and unlicensed equipment from the secondary market.

It's easy with Westcon-Comstor

We open the door to a growing portfolio of environmentally friendly, remanufactured equipment that makes great business sense.

We make it easy to take advantage of circular opportunities. We hold our own stock. We make it simple for partners to see what’s available. And, we can easily fulfil blended orders that combine refreshed products with newly manufactured.

Not only do partners enhance their margin, but customers also benefit from 100%-certified, OEM-quality equipment at lower cost.

Good for partners, good for end-customers, good for the planet.

Circular Technology Solutions from Westcon‑Comstor

Alastair Borissow, VP Circular Technology Solutions, discusses how Westcon-Comstor simplifies the procurement process of remanufactured equipment programmes, such as Cisco Refresh, making it easy for our partners to access the savings from this technology.

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