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Cisco healthcare kits—exclusively from Comstor

Secure, flexible, reliable hybrid cloud solutions for healthcare

Telehealth and virtual care, mobile clinics, hybrid workforce, and more…the healthcare industry is undergoing a massive post-pandemic digital shift, demanding greater flexibility and resilience from their tech stack.

At Comstor, we know exactly what you need to help your healthcare clients build a connected and secure, and flexible foundation. Built from our expertise Cisco hybrid cloud solutions, the Comstor healthcare kits are designed to help healthcare organisations implement crucial changes in their infrastructure to deliver the highest standards of care even in a virtual, remote environment.

What healthcare players want

“I need a secure and reliable device to be able to consult with colleagues on my patient’s health concerns.”

“We need to strengthen our network to safely manage and access patients’ personal data.”  

“We need to be able to host applications and store files securely in our data centre.”

“Our appointments now take place virtually, so we need to make sure privacy is protected at all times.”

“We are using more portable devices to connect with patients remotely: that requires an extra layer of protection against cybercrimes.”

How the healthcare kits help

Built from Cisco’s award-winning cloud solutions, the healthcare kits are designed to bring security to patient care and workflows across healthcare organisations, hospitals, and clinics.

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Specific solutions

Three healthcare kits designed for single-site, multi-site, and public practices

Security and compliance

Network protection and secure end points for patient data privacy and protection against cyber-attacks

Remote care support

Improved patient access and outreach with scheduling, virtual triage and consultations, as well as care coordination

Efficiency and cost reduction

Boost productivity and optimised costs with reliable network access, footfall analytics, and collaboration tools

Why Cisco for healthcare

Power inclusive, connected care with Cisco’s state-of-the-art technology centered around connectivity, collaboration, and security.


Rated #1 Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrant Leader, Cisco offers best-in-class products and services.


Cisco’s cross-network security detects and responds to threats within hours, safeguarding users wherever they are.


Cisco’s solutions are designed to help healthcare organisations meet regulatory compliance requirements.


Enjoy Cisco SmartNet warranty and back-up services with Comstor’s own Cisco experts, professional, finance, training, and enablement services that boost partner in-house resources.

Flexible working across industries


Hybrid work kits

Three business kits to easily enable professionals and organisations—from small to large—to maintain productivity and seamlessly connect to their colleagues securely.

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Education kits

Help your customers re-design teaching, learning and administration with Cisco’s business resiliency solutions for education. 

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Retail kits

Help retailers leverage data and analytics that can support business growth with the Comstor retail kits.

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Stay Connected, Stay Productive

Boost productivity—any time, anywhere—with secure Cisco hybrid cloud solutions and remote collaboration tools.

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Flexible funding—Cisco payment options

Don’t let capital financing issues limit your profit growth. Explore flexible and secure Cisco payment options with Comstor.

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Exceptional Cisco support, accelerated growth

Why Comstor? It’s simple.

Backed by 25 years of Cisco expertise, we help you grow your Cisco business faster than any other distributor. 

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