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Increased efficiency and effectiveness across your security organisation

AttackIQ’s Security Optimisation Platform enables a seamless threat-informed defence across an organisation, improving efficiency and effectiveness. With AttackIQ, organisations can test the effectiveness of their security controls safely, continuously, at scale, in production and with threat coverage across the kill chain.

Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework, leading technology partnerships and up-to-date threat intelligence about adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), the AttackIQ platform will allow a chief information security officer (CISO) to launch threat-informed defence operations across the enterprise.

The AttackIQ solution


Automated security validation

Using the Security Optimisation Platform, deploy technical solutions into the parts of an organisation that are best equipped to run adversary emulations against your security program.


Threat-informed operations

Focus on the introduction of more proactive threat-driven capabilities, developing granular performance data and driving improvements in an organisation's security and technology governance processes.


Strategic defence posture

Achieve significant security maturation for an organisation and exercise the organisation against known threats continuously to sharpen defence capabilities.


Comprehensive security optimisation

Make the most of scarce resources to deliver effective and efficient cybersecurity at scale across the enterprise.

AttackIQ has many more solutions on their website.

Key benefits

Better insights

The AttackIQ platform generates insights and improves decisions in 26 distinct solutions across the security organisation, from risk to operations and compliance.

Better decisions

Make better decisions about people, processes and technologies. Streamline costs. Identify control and organisational weaknesses, so your program performs as planned.

Real security outcomes

AttackIQ's approach to optimising security programs simultaneously improves effectiveness and raises productivity, to deliver better, more predictable business outcomes.