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Enterprise unstructured data management,
migration and protection solutions

Datadobi builds software that enables its Fortune 2000 customers to migrate and protect their unstructured data anywhere. Its engineering team implements the latest technologies to build highly sophisticated software that customers trust with their most precious data.

The current status of Datadobi's offering

  • Projects delivered by Datadobi – these are delivered 100% remotely and Datadobi foresee no disruption to its service at this time.
  • Projects delivered by our partners – Datadobi's partner support and engineering organisations are 100% online and it foresees no disruption to its service at this time to partner support or software updates.
  • Projects executed by end customers – all projects executed by end-customers can be done 100% remotely and Datadobi's support organisation is 100% online so it foresees no disruption to its service at this time. Please contact if you need help in using its software remotely.

Whether you are working and executing your initiatives from your onsite data centre or remote home office, Datadobi will ensure that your data migration and protection projects continued as planned.

Partnership in practice

  • Dedicated pre-sales: our dedicated Datadobi pre-sales engineers ensure partners design the best solution tailored for every customer
  • Regional partnership: our regional agreement with Datadobi ensures consistent pricing, SLAs and availability across APAC and ANZ
  • Delivery: a team of unstructured data protection and migration-delivery engineers backed by Datadobi
  • Support: best-in-class after-sales support fully backed by Datadobi

Why choose Datadobi