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The next generation of hyperconvergence is here

Cisco HyperFlex is a fully engineered hyperconverged system that combines computing and software-defined storage, as well as fully integrated networking optimised for the east-west traffic flow of an HCI platform. This fully integrated platform is designed to scale resources independently and deliver consistently high performance.

Cisco HyperFlex brings the pay-as-you-go model of cloud to the data centre. It combines computing, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection in a single appliance, deployed in under an hour and managed with a familiar toolset.

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Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

Cisco Intersight is a cloud-based SaaS tool that allows your customers to centrally manage all their HyperFlex and UCS devices from anywhere. It enables real-time monitoring, proactive information and networked support.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer is a new functionality that will be available as an option with Cisco Intersight™. It continuously optimises on-premises and cloud resources to ensure that performance, compliance and cost objectives are achieved.


Key benefits of Cisco Intersight

  • Delivers intelligent, cloud-based infrastructure management with embedded analytics
  • Allows systems to be monitored from a single management tool
  • Provides a customisable dashboard that allows users to focus on relevant information and tasks
  • Provides simplified scalability, implementation and automation
  • Offers seamless automated upgrades
  • Helps ensure consistency and eliminates configuration drift, maintaining standardisation across many systems
  • Provides proactive support
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Key benefits of Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

  • Quickly identify systems based on name, identifier or other information
  • Monitor server configurations, alerts and health status across multiple locations
  • Track and manage firmware versions of all connected UCS and HyperFlex systems
  • Automated crash notification alerts
  • Automate the creation and submission of technical support files to Cisco Technical Centre (TAC) to expedite troubleshooting 
  • Ensure consistency and eliminate configuration errors by creating profiles
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Cisco Intersight with HyperFlex Edge

Using Cisco Intersight, HyperFlex Edge deployments offer consistent and seamless unified management with your centralised hyperconverged systems.

The Cisco Intersight platform enables you to remotely deploy branch offices at scale with consistency and efficiency. Once deployed, Cisco Intersight delivers intelligent management and automated non-disruptive upgrades. You can also compose your hyperconverged infrastructure through a single interface that accesses hundreds of clusters at once, with support for installation, inventory management and day-to-day, centralised control.

HyperFlex Data Platform

The HX Data Platform combines the cluster’s cache and storage resource into a single distributed pool of useable storage capacity. A self-healing architecture that replicates data for high availability, remediates hardware failures and alerts your IT administrators so that problems can be resolved quickly.

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