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Helping partners thrive and grow

EDGE – Engage, Develop, Grow, Extend

For all types of partners, we work to build business and maximise return on investment. To achieve this, we apply a consistent methodology to the sales engagement journey. We call it EDGE.

  • Engage and onboard with our vendors and core services
  • Develop business with pre-sales consultancy, finance, training, support, mentoring and education
  • Grow business through new technologies, marketing and services
  • Extend business by entering new markets and creating innovative business models

This tried-and-tested approach translates our value into business opportunity, creative alliances, partner revenue and growth. Based on extensive experience and close relationships with vendors, we flex and scale our EDGE framework to secure maximum benefit for partners.


How we can help partners

Logistics and operations

“Our supply chain and logistics capabilities add real value for partners. From kitting and staging to tagging and assembly, we configure complex solutions and ship to any destination, removing much of the basic, but time-intensive, work from each project.” 

Xavier Kuyl

Operations Manager

Pre-sales support

“With decades of experience between us in the team, our comprehensive historical and current product knowledge ensures partners design, implement and manage the right solution.”

Lee Evans

Solutions Consultant

Training and education

“In the Westcon-Comstor Academy, training is about making life simpler for partners by helping them develop their business and expanding their knowledge.”

Simon Fisher

Training Manager

Marketing support

“When a partner needs help to grow their customer base or expand into new markets, we provide direct and indirect marketing support with initiatives that are unique and proven.”

Lilia Parfitt

Marketing Manager

Renewals team

“From the simplest software subscription to complex contract renewals with multiple lines, our teams make sure partners maximise every recurring revenue opportunity.”

Sebastian Baro

Renewals Manager


“By helping global customers explore the ‘art of the possible’, we enable and enhance their go-to-market through initiatives that focus on creating value and reducing costs.”

Nishan Raja


Business development

“Partners trust us to select the best-in-breed and disruptive vendors and solutions they need to land and expand opportunities.”

Majid Mohammed

Business Development Manager

Financial services

“Our simple but flexible approach to finance helps partners drive growth by enabling cash-conscious customers to access the technology they need without shouldering all of the required investment.”

Christian Roelofs

Managing Director

Our value to partners

We help partners realise their potential. We are passionate about delivering business success and growth. This drives what we do – day in, day out.

Value to partners

Our value to vendors

When it comes to working with vendors, our priority is clear – to work as a team and bring solutions to market with maximum business value.

Value to vendors