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Juniper Mist Wired Assurance

Providing new insights into your switching infrastructure

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance extends Mist AI cloud solutions with a service that provides telemetry data from Junos switches driven by Mist AI to the in-house AI engine, simplifying operations, shortening recovery times and improving visibility into network operations. The software notifies administrators as soon as the network performance deviates from the set point, turning IT operations into a self-controlled network.

Key features

Wireless networks now provide the main supply of endpoints in many companies, but to ensure a stable WLAN supply, the switch infrastructure that forms the backbone of the networks must be correspondingly stable.

The integration of Juniper switches into the AI-based Mist Cloud enables both the use and monitoring of service level expectations (SLEs) and the use of Marvis, an AI-controlled assistant that greatly simplifies troubleshooting.

These services work in the same way as the corresponding Wi-Fi services, and can also be used if only switches are available – no Juniper Access Points are necessary.

Key benefits


Simplified one-step onboarding

Wired switches can be easily connected to the Mist cloud. Network administrators gain transparency in switch metrics and service levels within minutes. The advantages of Wired Assurance can also be easily used with existing switch installations (‘brownfield’).


Configuration models

Use consistent configurations via global templates from the cloud without losing flexibility. The Juniper Mist cloud architecture automatically detects which devices are connected to the switch and can then apply specific port profiles, helping to ensure consistency of configurations across several sites.


Wired SLEs

With Juniper SLEs, network administrators gain a deeper insight into the operation of the network infrastructure. There is constant monitoring of throughput, successful connections and general switch parameters with pre- and post-connection metrics.


AI assistant for virtual networks

The Marvis virtual assistant has been enhanced to cover both wired and wireless networks, allowing IT administrators to ask questions in everyday language and receive detailed answers for troubleshooting and insight. A Mist VNA subscription is required.