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Ruckus Analytics

Advanced network analytics and assurance

Do you want unprecedented levels of visibility across everything that’s happening in your networks? Look no further than Ruckus Analytics from CommScope for deep insight and service assurance for enterprise network environments.

Comprehensive network analytics and assurance

Accelerate network and client troubleshooting

Ruckus Analytics is a cloud service for network analytics and assurance. Powered by machine learning and AI, it delivers comprehensive visibility into network operations. Powerful incident analytics and automated health monitoring accelerates troubleshooting and helps your IT team meet their network SLAs. 

  • Identify network assurance incidents, classify them by severity, trace root causes and make specific recommendations for remediation
  • Automatically monitor network health relative to configurable thresholds
  • Advanced client troubleshooting and incident analytics give you the power to address service issues for individual users and devices

Robust analytics reporting

Ruckus Analytics works with your Ruckus network to allow it to self-validate – without the need for overlay sensors. You can identify and address many service issues before they even affect users. The service also delivers robust reporting and informative dashboards. Create custom dashboards and data visualisations with the Data Explorer tool, and flexibly explore your network data warehouse with drag-and-drop ease.

Key features and benefits

  • Unified, all-in-one product
  • Incident classification by severity
  • Granular troubleshooting
  • Flexible access to your network data warehouse
  • Simple deployment

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