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Nilam has been working with Westcon-Comstor for 11 years. Based in Sydney, Australia, she was named Employee of the Year in 2010 and has been nominated for the technical award by ARN Woman in ICT awards (WIICTA).

Each day is unique

As a pre-sales engineer I collaborate closely with the sales teams to provide the technical support they need to be able to sell our solutions. I am also in contact with the customers to supply them with technical details of the proposed solutions. On top of that, as a team leader I ensure that we work efficiently as a team, improve our processes and make sure we give our customers the best possible support. Each day is unique and presents me with new challenging opportunities.

Multiple hats

Joining Westcon-Comstor has been one of the best decisions in my professional career. My managers have always had faith in my abilities and continuously encouraged me to do well. I started 11 year’s back in sales support, was promoted to Pre-Sales engineer two years later, and then specialised as Pre-Sales engineer for one of our vendors, Check Point. After having returned from maternity leave I was promoted to Senior Pre-sales Engineer, supporting all Westcon vendors. I am now the team leader of the Pre-Sales team for all Westcon vendors. I’ve tried on and worn many hats within the company!

Lead by example

I was recently nominated for an award. Honestly, whatever I have achieved, it wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team. I always try to keep them motivated and I encourage them to do good work and appreciate them on their successes. We also have a great leadership team. I have grown by seeing their moves and learning from their experiences and achievements.

Team spirit

I enjoy working at Westcon-Comstor because of its diverse culture and the challenges and opportunities it presents every day. The workplace culture is very friendly, people go the extra mile to help, and there is a supportive and goal-driven team spirit.