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Digital Distribution

The channel is transforming

The channel is transforming

Technology innovation accelerates. AI, automation, blockchain, big data, cybersecurity, cloud, IoT and machine learning.

And so does business, with new procurement models and supply chain complexity. How do partners keep up?

To win in the new marketplace of services and software, subscription payment and recurring revenue – our digital distribution platforms put partners in the driving seat.

Discover how our PartnerView solutions set the pace. 


Making it even easier for partners to do business with us, PartnerView sets new standards in ease of transaction, customer insight and deal analytics. PartnerView helps partners succeed and grow.

With PartnerView, partners can browse and order online, and confirm pricing, availability and delivery. It manages quotes, renewals, order tracking and history, and RMA submission. All in one place, 24/7.

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Driving supply chain innovation
Dwight Pitter / Sam Paris

Dwight Pitter / Sam Paris

Chief Information Officer / VP Services and Renewals

Driving supply chain innovation

Helping partners do business profitably in the digital world is fundamental to our success as a distributor. In this article, Sam and Dwight give us their insights into why digital is a game changer for us and what it means for vendors, partners and the future of distribution.

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