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The new generation of technology providers are offering huge opportunities for the security channel, but it’s also complex, fragmented and rapidly changing. We leverage our expertise to manage complexity, reduce risk and drive value through disruptive technologies, so partners can unlock the opportunity and navigate the new routes to market demanded by today’s ever-changing business dynamics.

What is NGS?

Westcon NGS is our solution-driven, go-to-market proposition, helping reseller partners to drive recurring revenue. It has been designed specifically to offer the solutions needed to enable a secure path to digital transformation.

We work with top vendors in these spaces to help our partners identify the solutions best suited to them, their customers and their long-term strategy.

Two people stood in a data centre, looking at big data analytics

Zero trust access

‘Never trust, always verify’ is the new normal as users become mobile, assets leave the network, and apps and data move to the cloud. Zero trust keeps assets and access away from attackers, defining how to secure the network, identify users, and secure devices and access to data and applications – wherever they live.

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A man stood in a data centre, managing a company's virtual infrastructure

IoT/OT security

The rise of IoT in business is a growing blind spot for security teams. Industrial Control Systems (ICS/OT) are now connected to IT networks and vulnerable, leading to downtime and financial loss. Our solutions offer visibility of OT and IoT environments with threat detection and risk assessment.

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Next-gen SOC

With organisations facing increasingly sophisticated attacks and persistent threats, our next-gen SOC meets the challenge of defining and delivering the detection and response technologies required to detect attacks and breaches early – or before they happen.

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Secure cloud and DevOps

Application development is moving to agile microservices, updated often and deployed across multiple clouds. Security needs to be integrated into the development cycle to keep up. We have the tools to make the transition and keep cloud and app development secure and automated.

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A holistic portfolio

We have developed a best-of-breed portfolio of emerging, cloud-native vendors across the four NGS solution pillars. 

  Zero trust access


IoT/OT security

Next-gen SOC

Secure cloud and DevOps


  • Crypto segmentation
  • OT endpoint security
  • OT network segmentation
  • OT network monitoring
  • DDoS protection
  • Threat intelligence
  • Network detection and response
  • Security policy management
  • Zero trust cloud security
  • N-S, E-W FW
  • FWaaS


  • Secure web gateway
  • Browser isolation
  • Centralised security management
  • NAC
  • Secure remote access
  • EDR
  • Deception
  • SOAR
  • Application delivery
  • CSPM
  • CASB
  • Container security
  • API security / WAF / WAAP
  • Monitoring / dashboarding


  • Access management / IDaaS
  • PAM



  • Access management / IDaaS
  • PAM

Application and data

  • Data classification
  • DLP
  • Vulnerability management
  • Vulnerability management
  • Vulnerability management
  • DLP

Why you should consider NGS

Growing opportunity

Westcon NGS focuses on technologies that grow twice as fast as the global security market as a whole


Ever-evolving security threats

Keep up with threats and ensure your customers consider new and emerging technologies


Changing business needs

Offer scalability and flexibility by focussing on cloud-native security technologies

Be a value-add provider

Create customer loyalty and a competitive advantage when pitching for new business

A holistic portfolio

Offer both traditional technology leaders as well as emerging and pure-play vendors

How we support your NGS journey

We deal in solutions not specific vendor technologies, so we’ll work with you to identify which market you’d like to explore and which vendors serve that market’s needs best.

Technology synergies
We have developed a portfolio of emerging, cloud-native vendors, whose technologies integrate with our existing vendor portfolio, creating the opportunity for strategic synergies and technology cross and upsell.

We have NGS-dedicated teams that support you to identify the opportunity, define an NGS strategy, enable your team, drive demand, support PoCs/demos and close a deal.

We offer a large portfolio of vendor qualifications and training as well as vendor-agnostic courses, collaborating with bodies such as the DevOps Institute.

Our NGS portfolio


Threat visibility and detection at machine speed

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Enabling seamless threat-informed defence across an organisation

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Industry-leading, network agnostic zero-trust security solutions

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The leading IOT cybersecurity platform

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Leading cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform

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A leading provider of holistic network security policy management solution

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The world’s only cloud proxy platform with an isolation core

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The most powerful API security platform built for the modern enterprise

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Delivers a purpose-built platform for visibility and security of all connected devices

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The leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise.

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A leading security platform that provides software and products for email security and data loss prevention

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Leading Identity security for the enterprise

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The market leader in continuous intelligence and SIEM solutions

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Fast, reliable data identification and data classification

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Market-leading zero trust platform

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The combination of our NGS vendor portfolio together with our existing vendor footprint offers the channel a unique technology coverage.