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Juniper Mist Wired Assurance

Providing new insights into your switching infrastructure

Juniper Mist Wired Assurance (WA) brings the power of Mist AI to switching. It’s a different approach to network management, focusing on user and device experiences rather than network uptime. Wired Assurance delivers unparalleled user experiences for campus switching with simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and better visibility into connected devices. Administrators will be proactive notify as soon as the network performance deviates from the service level expectations (SLE’s).

Key features

  • Onboard, configure, and manage Juniper EX Series switches from the Juniper Mist Cloud
  •  Build and deploy campus fabric architectures in minutes based on intent
  • Leverage open APIs for third-party integration and automation across multivendor environments
  • Use AI-driven insights to learn exactly how switches are performing
  • Configure sites and switches using templates, port profiles, dynamic port profiles 
  • Get proactive root-cause identification and enable self-driving actions


Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) complements Wired Assurance by using Mist AI™ to simplify and troubleshoot network operations with self-driving actions that automatically remediate issues. Marvis enables teams to shift from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation by turning insights into automated actions.

Wired Assurance simplifies every aspect of wired switching, from Day 0 for seamless onboarding and auto-provisioning through Day 2 and beyond for operations and management. 

Key benefits


Simple Switch Provisioning

Configure and troubleshoot cloud-ready, ZTP-enabled EX Series switches with an activation code for true plug-and-play capabilities. You’ll minimize onboarding errors, save time, and streamline efficiencies.


AI-Driven Switch Insights

Ask AI Assistant Marvis how your wired switches perform across a timeline with detailed device-level metrics, such as CPU and memory utilization and Virtual Chassis status. At the port level, see the number of bytes transferred, traffic utilization levels, and power draw. You can analyze up to 30 days of network insights data.


Wired Service-Level Expectations

Pre- and post-connection performance metrics provide insight into network throughput, number of successful connects, and switch health. You’ll understand exactly how your wired network is performing, so there’s no more guesswork as to the quality of experience that users, wired devices, and IoT endpoints are having.


Intent-Based Config Models

Create consistent, streamlined configurations and universal templates and profiles from the cloud. Easily build and manage campus fabric architectures in a few clicks based on intent. This structure helps standardize deployments while offering the flexibility to tweak specific site or switch attributes.


Switch Health Metrics

Ensure optimal switch operations with key health metrics such as firmware compliance, missing VLANs, and switch-access point (AP) affinity in multivendor environments, when paired with Juniper wireless APs.


Open APIs

Harness the power of 100% open and programmable APIs to fully automate the switch activation, onboarding, and configuration process. You can integrate with third-party systems like ServiceNow and Splunk, which support APIs for automated ticketing, troubleshooting, and more.