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Tshepiso is helping to raise awareness and adoption of our digital distribution tools as part of a wider role driving best practice and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Staff satisfaction

I chose Westcon-Comstor because of its reputation as a great place to work. It puts a high value on its employees and encourages them to learn, grow, and innovate. This means that many stay and work here for years. And this staff satisfaction is reflected in the quality of the service we offer our partners.

Delivery excellence

As a Microsoft Technical Support Agent I was responsible for driving best-in-class practice to ensure service delivery excellence and high levels of customer satisfaction. In my new role as Digital Distribution Co-ordinator, I help deliver activities that drive awareness, adoption and focus on our digital distribution platform. This includes reporting and analysis of adoption statistics and helping with marketing and branding, plans and programmes linked to our Sub-Saharan Africa strategic objectives.

Realising potential

No doubt the best part of the job is the belief my manager has consistently shown in me. She has pushed me on projects that I thought were beyond my age and abilities, and I’m so grateful for her persistence because I wouldn’t have reached my potential without it.

Stepping up

I love finding creative solutions to customer problems, training others and knowledge transfer, being a team player, and stepping up and stepping in to support others. A favourite memory is a customer visit, helping them try our self-service tools – and watching them realise how we could transform their business.

Winning culture

The workplace culture here is brought to life in the communication and flow of ideas up and down the business; the teamwork and collaboration; and in the diversity, flexibility, and leadership, and the people development. One of the reasons I’m here is the reputation Westcon-Comstor has for helping career growth and opportunity. Long-term commitment from an employer is important to me because it creates a sense of belonging and brings out my desire to fight for the business as part of a winning team. Where do I see myself in five years from now? I’ll be here at Westcon-Comstor of course.