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Ruckus Wi-Fi 6

Can your Wi-Fi 6 network environment handle the pressure?

Enterprise wireless is critical infrastructure for business. People need to be able to connect, collaborate and communicate over Wi-Fi that works. CommScope Ruckus® combines reliable, high-performing cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs) with powerful Ruckus Analytics that delivers network assurance, accelerated troubleshooting and AI-powered incident detection and classification.

Ruckus outperforms competitors in independent Wi-Fi stress test

A recent independent Packet6 test revealed that Ruckus Wi-Fi 6 delivers where others don’t. The Ruckus AP was the only AP that met enterprise-grade service levels in a real-world, high-density environment.

The challengers

The performance test evaluated cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 access points from HPE Aruba, Extreme Networks, Juniper Mist, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus. Each Wi-Fi 6 AP selected has similar hardware specifications and are designed to support high-density environments.

The test

The test challenged each out-of-the-box AP to manage and prioritise traffic associated with:

  • 30 Wi-Fi 6 laptop clients streaming 1080p video
  • 20 Wi-Fi 5 laptop clients and five Wi-Fi 5 tablets downloading data
  • Five Wi-Fi 5 tablets running simulated bi-directional VoIP calls

The winner

Ruckus outperformed all the competitors across each category tested to reflect its ability to deal with real-world, high-performance wireless networking pressure in any environment. And it was also the only Wi-Fi 6 access point to have no video stalls during testing.

Key benefits

Proactively manage wireless issues

Leverage cloud resources to deliver network analytics and enhanced troubleshooting tips

Great user experience

Meeting the needs of every client application and deal with even the most challenging environments

Optimise your network

Use AI and ML to identify and prioritise incidents to deliver the SLAs your business requires

Complete visibility

Integrated user interface provides complete visibility of your network real estate