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Juniper Apstra

Intent-based automated data-centers 


Juniper Apstra intent-based networking software automates and verifies data center network design, implementation, and operation from Day 0 to Day 2+. Apstra, the only multivendor solution of its type, enables enterprises to automate and manage their networks across nearly any data center location, vendor, and architecture.

Features and benefits


Reliable, Automated Operations

With Apstra verified reference designs, you can manage processes with ease even if you have little experience with networking and ensure application dependability. Software for intent-based networking offers proactive notifications of anomalies, ongoing validation, and predictive analysis, allowing you to address problems before they have an impact on your company.



Simplicity and Flexibility

Avoid vendor lock-in with Apstra’s exclusive vendor-agnostic technology. Simplify data center network design with validated, consistent, and repeatable templates or customize your own design with Apstra’s Freeform capability.


Enhanced Network Compliance

Track the source of network changes and enforce granularly as necessary. To establish blueprint-specific roles, you may employ intent-based policy assurance, connection constraints for multitenant environments, and improved role-based access control (RBAC).



Reliability-Driven Speed

Use repeating blueprints to increase consistency, dependability, and speed. Change control, validation, and compliance auditing let you implement changes fast and efficiently across numerous suppliers and settings. Improve service delivery speeds, reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), and cut maintenance periods significantly.



Resource Efficiencies

Allow networking teams to concentrate on mission-critical initiatives by reducing time-consuming manual activities and assuring knowledge retention with a single source of truth.


How Apstra Works

Apstra delivers cloud-ready data centers with intent-based automation, simplified operations, and zero-trust security to your customers, simplifying Day 0 to Day 2+ operations, and providing network assurance through continuous validation.

The Intent Based Automation capability enables operators to translate business requirements to network changes..Intelligent analytics proactively identify and correlate issues, and alert users when deviations occur. As a result, opex can be dramatically reduced, so operators can make changes confidently.

All of this in one single operational framework.


Get a deeper knowledge on Juniper Apstra. Download the solution datasheet or check one of the recorded demos.

Apstra solution datasheet    Apstra demos