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Flexibility helps Cello flourish

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Andrew Allan

Chairman, Cello

Making technology more accessible and affordable for our partners and their customers is part of how we drive Partner Success. Our newly launched flexible payment solutions (Flex) blend software billing and traditional distribution with flexible payment options to overcome budget constraints and accelerate the adoption of latest technology.

Andrew Allan, Chairman of Cello, a valued Westcon partner based in New Zealand, gave us his insights into how we’ve helped them on their journey to becoming the fastest growing telco in New Zealand through Flex and a strong partnership.

Flexibility is key

Cello is a specialist networking provider delivering services to customers across New Zealand and Australia. Our goal is to help our customers grow, be more innovative and successful, through the provision of fast, secure, highly available and customisable networks.

Our team of specialist network architects and engineers design custom networks to suit our client needs, irrespective of where they are on their cloud journey. Flexibility is key to our success, and we expect that from our partners.

Cello is a relatively young business and Westcon has been there since the beginning. Their willingness to explore new products and innovative ways of doing things has helped accelerate our growth, to the point where we’re now New Zealand’s fastest growing telco.

A unique partnership

Doing business within a pandemic is challenging. For our customers it means managing the pressure of uncertainty of supply, disruptions to workforces and rising costs. Our role is to engineer clever ways to design and deliver our services which deal with these challenges.

Westcon developed innovative asset financing solutions that allowed us to present our customers with valuable infrastructure funding options.

Growing a telco is an incredibly capital-intensive game. Having Westcon to help smooth out large capital purchases was crucial for our growth and has played a significant role in our success to date.

COVID-19 has also disrupted the supply chain, and it was important we had a partner who could help with continuity and security of supply through this time. Westcon’s experience and scale have helped mitigate many of those risks and supported our uninterrupted growth, over a period of significant disruption.

Flexibility and adaptability are key

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ for the New Zealand market, and Westcon is prepared to be flexible and adapt to our market needs which is essential to success.

Although we’re a small nation at the bottom of the world, we feel heard and supported by Westcon New Zealand and Westcon globally to do the things needed to fit this market. This is a real testament to the team and leadership at Westcon.

It’s all about people

Westcon spends time hiring the right people who do the right things. For all the transformational change taking place in our industry, the business is still about people. You do business with people you know, like and trust and Westcon gets that right.

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