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From supply chain to strategy: Redouan El Ouasghiri’s intercontinental journey with Westcon-Comstor


As a dynamic, ever-expanding IT distributor, we’re able to provide new growth and development opportunities to people across our business. Redouan El Ouasghiri’s (Operations Manager’s) job transition and relocation from the Netherlands to Morocco is testament to this. We spoke with Redouan to find out more about the move…

Hi Redouan! Over the last 10 years, you’ve held key roles within our Dutch warehouse and office – but following our business’s expansion into Algeria and Tunisia, you’ve now moved into a more strategic role in Morocco. Can you tell us more about the business’s expansion and how the opportunity to move arose?

Sure! We’re expanding into MAT after winning the bid to distribute Cisco in Algeria and Tunisia. These are markets we haven’t served before, so it’s a big opportunity to strengthen our presence in the region. Also, our Moroccan market was previously supplied out of our European operation – now, we’re buying directly from Cisco, which allows us to be more competitive.

Within the expansion, there was a need for a senior supply chain professional to be based locally and lead this change. My manager approached me about it, and I was immediately excited by the possibility.

Firstly, it was clear that this opportunity would allow me to develop in new areas and manage more outsourced partners (as opposed to managing just Westcon operations). Secondly, being of Moroccan descent (although born and raised in the Netherlands), it gave me a chance to reconnect with my heritage and work in a new cultural environment.

How did the business support you and your family in your relocation and job transition?


I was given a very warm welcome by the local business, who helped me get set up and adjusted. I spent my first week finding my way around the office and getting to know the team, who were all incredibly supportive. True Moroccan hospitality!

What are the main differences you’ve noticed between the Dutch office and warehouse compared to the Moroccan office?


In the Netherlands, we had 180 staff members across the warehouse and office. Our Moroccan office is smaller, with only 16 people – so the dynamics are definitely different!

The cultural differences are also significant. Doing business in Morocco tends to be more informal and is very much centred around personal relationships.

How would you describe life at Westcon-Comstor?

I’m in my tenth year with the company now, and this is my sixth role in that time. Based on that alone, you can probably tell that it’s never dull! Since starting at Westcon-Comstor, I’ve had the opportunity to continuously develop myself. Having started in a hands-on role as a staging technician, I never thought I’d have so many opportunities for development and progression into several management roles.

Our stimulating work environment and support from management has been instrumental in my career path and helping me reach my professional goals.

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