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Make sure everyone has a seat at the table with Microsoft Teams Rooms


In the hybrid workplace, how do we make sure everyone (wherever they are), can seamlessly take part in meetings? Many systems are designed with people in the room in mind, leaving remote users feeling left on the outside looking in.

Microsoft Teams Rooms delivers inclusive meeting experiences for all participants.

Teams Rooms turns any meeting room into an easy-to-use, inclusive collaborative space where everyone has a seat at the table.

We’re here to help you. Not only with devices from Audiocodes, but the Teams Rooms license, implementation service and additional support too.


The Microsoft Teams Rooms opportunity


57% of remote employees say they’re likely to consider shifting to hybrid working in the next 12 months.[1]


54% of leaders say their company is investing to redesign meeting rooms to make them more hybrid friendly.[1]


52% of employees are open to using digital immersive spaces in the metaverse for meetings.[1]


Less than 8% of meeting rooms worldwide are video enabled. [1]

[1] Microsoft Work Trend Index survey, 2022

[2] State of the Global Video Conferencing Device Market, Forecast to 2025.Frost & Sullivan. 2021

How we make Microsoft Teams Rooms work for you

Microsoft Teams Rooms certified device

To set up a Microsoft Teams Rooms solution, you need a certified device that matches the size of the room. Improve productivity with a package that provides a rich and collaborative Teams experience that's simple to use, deploy, and manage.

Have a look at our broad portfolio of Microsoft Teams certified devices from Audiocodes.


Microsoft Teams Rooms license

Each meeting room device needs a dedicated Teams Rooms license. We recommend the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro license. This license is great for organisations with 25+ meeting room devices, or ones that want the most comprehensive meeting and device management experiences.
Or you can opt for the Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic license, suitable for organisations with a few meeting room devices with basic meeting and management functionality. 

Microsoft Teams Rooms Implementation Service

Sit back and relax as our skilled engineers will configure and test the device.

Before you can use the meeting room device, essential steps need to take place to make sure a perfect meeting room configuration. We’ll take this burden away with our Microsoft Teams Rooms Implementation Service.

Our service includes the activation of the Microsoft Teams Rooms license, updating the device to the latest software version and help verifying device registration. 

WestconCare Product Support*

Rest easy knowing that Westcon has your back, day or night. No one knows collaboration solutions better, especially given our extensive expertise and knowledge with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions are rock solid, but if an incident occurs, you’re covered.

Compared to Vendor Direct Support, WestconCare offers tons of additional services - helping you fulfil your customers’ needs, ensure a long-lasting relationship and drive incremental margin.