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Prisma SASE by Palo Alto Networks

Secure remote access for all users, all apps, and all traffic, anywhere

Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE is a comprehensive Palo Alto Networks solution that can help organisations improve their security posture, network performance, and manageability. Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE is cloud-delivered and combines networking and security functionalities into a single platform. It offers network security for end users, no matter where they are. 


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Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE Solutions

Prisma SASE unites best-in-class Prisma Access, Prisma SD-WAN and Autonomous Digital Experience Management into a single cloud-delivered platform. This combination means reduced network and security complexity while increasing organisational agility – and keeping the remote workforce secure. 


Prisma Access

Protects all app traffic, enabling a secure remote workforce with exceptional user experience.

  • Next-generation CASB – automatically secures new SaaS applications, stopping known and unknown threats.
  • Zero Trust Network Access 2.0 – prevent unwanted user access with encrypted application access, authentication, policy management and threat detection.
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateway – secure web-based threats with static analysis and machine learning.
  • Firewall-as-a-Service – protect remote locations with ML-powered NGFW and Cloud-Delivered Security Services.
  • Remote Browser Isolation – create a secure isolation channel between users and remote browsers to prevent malicious files and zero-day web threats.
  • App acceleration – enable secure access to applications up to 5x faster than direct-to-internet.

Prisma SD-WAN

Ensures exceptional user experience with app-defined policies while simplifying network and security operations using machine learning and automation.

  • Elastic networks – deliver flexible connectivity and controller-based architecture that seamlessly builds, manages and updates the network.
  • App-defined fabric – enable direct-to-app access with exceptional user experience.
  • Zero Trust – one-click deployment with Prisma Access to protect all users, applications and assets.
  • Automation – automate complex IT and network operations centre functions, increase productivity and reduce MTTR.

Autonomous Digital Experience Management

Delivers exceptional digital performance by giving users visibility into what services they are consuming.

  • SASE native – gain full visibility into all paths and endpoints with a tightly integrated solution.
  • Segment-wise insights – eliminate blind spots with visibility into all parts of the service delivery chain.
  • Automated response – identify and automatically correct digital experience issues before or when they arise.

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Key benefits of Prisma SASE

Scalable security

Designed to accommodate the hybrid workforce, wherever they work

Best-in-class security

Consistently secures all apps, instantly stopping 95% of web-based threats inline 

Exceptional user experience

End-to-end visibility and insights across mobile and branch users 

Reduced cost and complexity

Reduces management workload and eliminates the use of multiple point products and on-premises solutions

Events and training

Ultimate Test Drive – An immersive, half-day workshop to experience Prisma Access (SASE) hands-on

Show your customers how to restore precise visibility and granular control over all the applications, users and content traversing your network with Prisma Access SASE.

The workshop showcases how you’ll:

  • protect remote networks and mobile users in a consistent manner, wherever they are
  • provide connectivity and security in order to access all applications
  • see the flexibility and cloud scalability to handle changing requirements
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