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Healthcare solutions

Expand care, increase access and improve patient outcomes

Patients aren’t always near their healthcare provider, but the need for high-quality care doesn’t diminish with distance. Clinicians need to consult together without travelling too – life and death situations need immediate decisions.

Outside clinical settings, providers also need to stay current with skills, collaborate with colleagues and manage facilities, all of which can be done efficiently and effectively with today’s technology.

Enabling over 100,000 patient consultations every month, Poly audio and video solutions support 21st century healthcare through remote patient care, continuing medical education (CME) and day-to-day business administration. 

Poly healthcare solutions deliver the highest quality audio and video experience



From urgent care to routine follow-ups, patients connect with clinicians for a virtual visit. Poly’s solutions integrate with cloud service providers and EHR systems to deliver crystal clear visual and audio performance.



Poly solutions bring practitioners together from homes, medical facilities or from the field using the communication tools they already know, leading to efficiency and productivity in healthcare.


Medical education

When healthcare professionals learn together, patient care improves. Poly solutions allow medical professionals to engage and consult with peers and experts wherever they are in the world.


Patient support

When expertise from other professionals is needed, they can come together and consult with each other quickly and easily for the best quality patient care. Simplicity, quality and connectivity are the keys to a successful consultation.

Telehealth is here to stay

Effective communication is now more important than ever as healthcare increasingly relies on virtual visits and clinical collaboration in the new normal. Poly has a long history in the telehealth field with more than 100,000 patient encounters per month and proven use cases.

  • Rural/after-hours emergency room coverage
    • 24x7 virtual ER coverage
    • Specialists available for specific needs
  • Tele ICU
  • Tele pharmacy
  • Nephrology
    • Chronic kidney disease patient visits
    • Dialysis centre coverage
    • Home dialysis visits
  • Mental/behavioural health
  • Perioperative (before, during and after surgery)

Poly Studio P5 kits

Poly Studio P5 kits are the ideal solution for healthcare organisations looking for a consistent, high-quality collaboration experience for patients, providers and staff.

Each kit includes a webcam and headset or personal speakerphone in one package that’s easy to set up.

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