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Symantec Enterprise Cloud

Delivering data-centric hybrid security for the largest, most complex organisations in the world

Symantec Enterprise Cloud is Symantec’s solution to help large and complex organisations across the world face the constantly evolving challenges of protecting their data and digital infrastructure from threats. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and aligned with security frameworks such as Zero Trust and SASE, Symantec focuses on consistent compliance, secure remote work, and data and threat protection for enterprise customers.

Key benefits of Symantec Enterprise Cloud

Consistent compliance across your infrastructure

The solution provides pre-built templates for all major compliance regulations and enforces company-specific policies using advanced policy engines. Organisations can apply compliance controls consistently, and a single governance team can manage all data risk and perform audits from one platform migrated from on-premises enforcement points to cloud-based enforcement.

Secure remote work

It provides visibility across the entire spectrum of users, devices, networks, applications, and data, both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution also monitors every user interaction to make sure they are secure, compliant, and consistent with baseline behaviour. 

Data and threat protection everywhere

The solution simplifies security operations, protects people and data across all types of devices – no matter where they are – and helps customers stay ahead of threats. It unifies intelligence across control points to detect, block, and remediate attacks.

Critical capabilities of Symantec Enterprise Cloud

Delivers cross-control point security controls from a single platform

Supports public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments

Protects both managed and unmanaged devices

Supports all major operating systems and platforms

Powers the Global Intelligence Network, one of the world’s largest civilian-owned security intelligence networks

Deploying Symantec Enterprise Cloud

As a Symantec partner, you will have access to Symantec Enterprise Cloud’s offerings wherever they are deployed.

On-premises deployments

Symantec Enterprise Cloud enforces policies directly at on-premises control points, without having to direct traffic to the cloud and then back to the on-premises infrastructure first.

Cloud-based deployments

Symantec Enterprise Cloud enforces policy at the cloud control point, without any traffic needing to first go to an on-premises data centre – delivering the best possible combination of security and user experience.

Hybrid deployments

Organisations can license the Broadcom portfolio for the deployment model of their choice and can migrate products between on-premises and the cloud – anytime and without any renewals, new contracts, or new SKUs.

Why Westcon?

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