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Keep customers. Grow recurring revenues. Secure long-term success

Our renewals services

Our teams dedicate themselves to maximising repeat revenue opportunities so partners can grow their renewals-based business.

We specialise in understanding and navigating vendor systems to identify opportunities. Painstaking work carried out by detail-oriented specialists means that partners can access precise renewal data in our PartnerView portal.

Crucially, our multi-lingual, multi-vendor teams provide data well in advance of deadlines, creating every opportunity to build additional, new business.

Helping partners to not only win renewals business, but also enabling them to up-sell and on-sell at precisely the right time.

Partners benefit with predictable recurring revenue.


How we can help

Integrated with vendors

Clean and accurate real-time data at your fingertips

90-days advance notice

Start timely contract talks to secure business 

Visible in PartnerView

Follow up opportunities and manage orders in our self-serve platform

What our partners say

“Westcon plays a vital role in my renewal market. Critical pricing studies are done accurately so we can work quickly and efficiently on every renewal. Working together as a complementary team is really important to us, especially on the more complex solutions.”

“I wouldn’t be able to perform my role if it wasn’t for your commitment to our renewals!”

“With your support and attitude, we are the top-performing business partner for renewals for this vendor. We’re looking forward to expanding both existing accounts and new business.”

“I am impressed with your renewals team and its work ethic; you’re very approachable with a ‘can-do’ attitude. Quotes are sent early and without errors, which makes our processes so much more efficient. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

“Your renewals service has significantly reduced our customer retention costs and increased efficiency. It saves us several hours every month per sales representative, freeing up our sales and renewal teams to focus on higher-margin solution selling and value-added services selling.”

“Seeing all our software or contract renewals in PartnerView 90 days out is critical to our recurring business. We can check in with every customer and follow up every lead in good time.”

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