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Noname Security

The most powerful API security platform
built for the modern enterprise

The Noname security platform protects APIs in real-time and detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they are exploited. It is an out-of-band solution that does not require agents or network modifications, and offers deeper visibility and security than API gateways, load balancers and WAFs.

With APIs becoming the number one attack vector by 2022, according to Gartner, the Noname security platform allows organisations to mitigate this risk with the ability to connect to any cloud or on-premises environment and the flexibility and choice in where the Noname platform will reside.

Easily resolve API vulnerabilities


Find and inventory all legacy, modern and rogue APIs


AI-based detection of attackers, suspicious behaviour and misconfigurations


Block attacks in real time and integrate with workflows to resolve vulnerabilities and misconfigurations


Actively test and verify the integrity of the API before production

Next Generation Solutions

Find out how you can transform your cloud business with Noname and unlock recurring revenues in a cloud-first world with Westcon.

Noname is part of our NGS go-to-market proposition, helping reseller partners to drive recurring revenue. Working with top vendors, it has been designed specifically to offer the solutions needed to enable a secure path to digital transformation.

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