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AWS Partner Paths

What are Partner Paths?

AWS Partner Paths is a framework that has been introduced to accelerate partners' engagement with AWS based on the products or services offered, and it replaces the Consulting and Technology partner-type model.

.The paths offer flexibility and support for more customer offerings provided you are registered with AWS Partner Network (APN). It gives you access to:

  • a dedicated partner portal
  • training discounts
  • business and technical enablement content
  • programmes
  • benefits relevant to your offerings


Which path is right for me?

You can enrol in one or multiple Paths based on your unique customer offerings on the APN Portal.

Software Path

For ISV providers that use software that runs or is integrated on AWS

Hardware Path

Organisations that develop hardware devices that work with AWS or qualify on AWS device catalogue

Services Path

Consulting partners who provide managed services or professional, managed or value-added resale services

Training Path

Partners involved in selling, delivering or incorporating AWS training

What do I need to do?

Partner Paths is an automated change, so you do not need to do anything.

  • Those engaged in ISV have been moved to the Software Path
  • AWS-listed hardware partners have been moved to the Hardware Path
  • Consulting partners have been moved to the Service Path
  • Training partners have been moved to the Training Path  

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or read the AWS blog to find out more about the changes.

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