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Drone Networks

Embrace the future of industrial automation and monitoring with Nokia’s groundbreaking drone solution - Nokia Drone Networks. Equipped with the latest technology, this solution boosts operational efficiency – making it an ideal choice for our partners keen on innovation and broadening their service range.

The opportunity

The increased interest by industry in the commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market means the global market was worth almost $32 billion in 2023, dominated by the energy, construction,  safety and security markets.

Nokia Drone Networks represents an all-encompassing, enterprise-grade solution that helps lower operational costs while boosting value by automating security and inspection workflows. The solution connects over public and private 4G/LTE and 5G networks. This ensures the highest reliability for users, and an open API framework lets users integrate third-party apps so they can be customised for their specific needs.

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Key benefits and features

End-to-end solution

Nokia Drone Networks offer a unique complete end-to-end solution, including everything from drones to docking stations and ground control systems, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Customised to your needs

Tailor the solution to meet specific requirements, whether for industrial, public sector, or security purposes, providing flexibility and efficiency in various applications.

Drones for different missions

Nokia's drones can handle a variety of missions, including surveillance, inspection, and emergency response, making them versatile tools for diverse operational needs.

4G/LTE and 5G connectivity

Leveraging 4G/LTE and 5G networks, Nokia ensures reliable, robust connectivity, crucial for real-time data transmission and drone control, even in challenging environments.

Aerial insight

With advanced cameras and sensors, Nokia drones provide detailed aerial insights that enhance decision-making processes through high-quality visual and data analytics.


The solution emphasises security with features like secure data transmission and compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring safe and reliable operations for critical applications.

Centralised control

Monitor and control multiple drones remotely from a single ground station. This lets you dispatch drones on preset missions, saving valuable time and enhancing operational efficiency.

Autonomous operations

Schedule drones to follow preset routes and carry out tasks. This boosts efficiency and reduces manpower requirements, enabling the team to focus on strategic activities.

Why Nokia Drone Networks

Traditional UAV solutions lack certifications, integrated 4G/5G connectivity or automated data collection capabilities. This makes them less reliable with high amounts of manual effort for UAV operators.

Nokia has heavily invested in certification efforts to provide a safe and high-quality rollout of Nokia Drone Networks. Nokia Drone Networks offers an end-to-end UAV data collection and processing platform that includes Software, Hardware and Services for our partners, network operators (CSPs) and industrial customers with Nokia RAN or Edge-Cloud equipment.


Use Cases

Fire monitoring

Drones are deployed to monitor fire-prone areas, providing real-time aerial insights and early detection capabilities that help prevent wildfires and manage firefighting efforts more effectively.

Safety and security

Equipped for public safety missions, Nokia drones support emergency response activities like search and rescue, perimeter security, and damage assessment in hazardous environments.

Industry and construction

In industrial and construction settings, Nokia drones perform visual inspections of facilities, monitor progress, and enhance safety protocols by providing detailed aerial views and data analytics.

Smart cities

In Smart cities, Nokia’s drones enhance urban management by conducting surveillance, monitoring traffic, and assessing infrastructure conditions, contributing to more efficient and safer city operations.


Nokia's drones monitor transportation networks, ensuring better traffic management and rapid assessment of accidents, helping maintain smooth transit and commuter safety.

Public safety

Through advanced applications, Nokia Drone Networks play a crucial role in life-saving operations by providing rapid aerial assessments and supporting evacuation procedures during natural disasters.