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The ZTA Secure Trio

Zero trust simplified. Three solutions. One affordable bundle.

Our ZTA Secure Trio bundle gives you Authentication, End Point Protection and Secure Access in a simple, powerful package that won’t cost a fortune.

Using market-leading vendor technology from Okta, CrowdStrike and Zscaler, our bundle integrates seamlessly and is the most affordable, straightforward bundle on the market.

Offer a real best-of-breed ZTA alternative to best-in-class options

  • Ideally positioned for the sub 2500 seat market
  • Available from $15/month/seat for a 500-749 seat deployment

The Future of ZTA

$60.7 Bn
projected ZTA market size by 2027

expected ZTA market CAGR growth rate

Triple threat: the ZTA Secure Trio

With hybrid workforces on the rise, cloud migrations and transforming security practices accelerate too – developing Zero Trust architecture for your customers isn’t optional anymore.

But Zero Trust isn’t just a single product. Bundling, pricing and configuring multivendor ZTA solutions can be expensive, complex and challenging to manage. Our Secure Trio bundle simplifies everything, giving you market-leading technology and your customers get extra peace of mind.   

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Zero Trust Okta, Zscaler and CrowdStrike 3D lab

Our virtual demo lab lets you and your customers gain first-hand experience as you explore Okta, Zscaler, and CrowdStrike's combined solutions for secure access.


You’ll get the opportunity to: 

  • Configure Okta MFA to Secure Access to internal applications with Zscaler ZPA
  • Utilise the CrowdStrike ZTA Device Posture score to qualify secure access to Zscaler ZIA and/or ZPA
  • Prevent Access to the Okta App based on user location and configure real Time ZIA Adaptative security policy

Westcon-Comstor 3D Lab is available FREE OF CHARGE to Westcon-Comstor | Tech Xpert community members only

Test our ZTA solution in the 3D Lab