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ExtremeCloud IQ

The fastest-growing cloud-managed network

ExtremeCloud IQ is an innovative cloud management solution for wired and wireless networks. It is easy, flexible and intuitive, and helps you set the course for the future today. As Extreme Networks uses the same hardware and firmware in the cloud and on-premise, the solution not only offers you the highest level of flexibility and investment protection, but also innovative analytic features based on AI and machine learning.

The subscription-based model enables your customers to choose exactly the option that best suits their business. This will allow them to benefit from a high-performance network management solution without having to invest in advance, adapt their infrastructures extensively or install additional software.

Key benefits


Key benefits for your business

  • Manage, automate and gain intelligence from different network technologies and products
  • Simplify highly complex tasks, deploy locations in minutes and provide unprecedented levels of centralised management, control and network visibility
  • Seamlessly grow without bottlenecks
  • Significantly reduce the need for local intervention and truck rolls

Key benefits for your customers

  • Cloud networking introduces a new way to deploy and operate distributed access networks
  • Simplifies highly complex tasks
  • Allows for seamless growth
  • Supports headquarters and remote locations
  • New features and services are introduced weekly to enable innovation and management at cloud speed
  • Reduced cost of deploying/operating network vs hosting in-house

Why Westcon is the right partner

Largest stock holding in Europe

20+ years working with Extreme Networks

Only distributor with ATC certification

PartnerWorks accredited

Hold regular demos and events across Europe

Provide regular updates on Extreme and XIQ

Can help renew your existing systems

Provide exciting incentives

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ExtremeCloud IQ factsheet

This industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven networking has been built from the ground up to take full advantage of Extreme’s end-to-end networking solutions. 

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Network automation, insight and assurance

Create end-to-end effortless networking experiences with ExtremeCloud IQ. 

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2020 buyers' guide

Get the latest best practices and tips on designing, deploying and supporting wired and wireless networks from the cloud.

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