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Channel Velocity Pricing

Transforming the IT channel

Introducing Channel Velocity Pricing on PartnerView

Channel Velocity Pricing and PartnerView offers best-in-class partner value. Making conducting business simpler and more profitable for resellers than ever before – with new unmissable pricing models and incentives designed to expand opportunities and accelerate business.

Improve functionality

Setting new standards in ease of transaction with a streamlined, self-service model. 

Maximise user experience

On-demand and comprehensive PartnerView delivers first-class partner and customer insights.

Accelerate success

Simple yet effective, Channel Velocity Pricing and PartnerView lets partners be first to market and win every time.

Drive profitability

Unmissable pricing ensures all resellers successfully compete within the market and access the best-value solutions. 

Plus ensure every opportunity is 'deal registered' to extend the value that Westcon and Juniper Networks can deliver.

Key benefits

Simple processes
A self-service model built around Channel Velocity Pricing and PartnerView, that can be easily used to manage all day-to-day enquiries.

Clear visibility
Ensure no opportunity is missed with clear visibility across the complete sales cycle – from procurement to order placement and invoicing.

Unmissable pricing model
The Channel Velocity Pricing Program gives partners the competitive edge. Plus, PartnerView acts as the single source of low-touch, upfront pricing and incentives.

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What is PartnerView?

Making it even easier for partners to do business with us, PartnerView sets new standards in ease of transaction, customer insight and deal analytics. PartnerView helps partners succeed and grow.

With PartnerView, partners can browse and order online, and confirm pricing, availability and delivery. It manages quotes, renewals, order tracking and history, and RMA submission. All in one place, 24/7.

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