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Grow and thrive with cloud opportunity

Recurring revenue made easy

Partners want to grow their cloud-based businesses. To help realise partners’ cloud ambitions and overcome potential complexities, we developed BlueSky.

Recurring revenues

BlueSky opens the door to fast, new business growth, helping partners make the transition to cloud-driven recurring revenues.

Speed and simplicity

BlueSky overcomes complexities facing partners as they deploy cloud services. Our simple registration quickly gets partners into cloud business.

Automation and analytics

BlueSky means automated pricing and invoicing is consistent and accurate. Usage data helps partners calculate margins, optimise profitability and drive growth.

Technically resilient

Close development with vendors ensures accurate and robust service delivery.

Market reputation

Cloud services with BlueSky enhances partners’ portfolio – featuring world-class, market-leading brands.

Compliance and control

BlueSky gives partners complete control over service delivery, ensuring full compliance with local regulations.

Want to find out more?

Our objective at Westcon-Comstor is to support your opportunities in cloud business. The potential with cloud solutions is huge. Be a part of it and take advantage of the opportunities with us at your side.

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