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Integrated cloud applications and platform services

Oracle is the #1 provider of business software, with a broad portfolio of solutions for companies of all sizes. It helps customers develop roadmaps, migrate to the cloud and take advantage of emerging technologies from any point: new cloud deployments, on-premises environments and hybrid implementations. Oracle’s approach makes it easy for companies to get started in the cloud and even easier to expand as business grows.

Helping your customer 'go digital'

Strip the buzzwords out of digital transformation with an Oracle Communications solution that will help you build networks, deliver superior communications and monetise customer engagement.

Common customer concerns

  • Need to deploy a digital transformation project
  • Worried about the dramatic growth in network traffic that IoT, AI and 5G are going to cause
  • Not managing their network, device and cloud security as effectively as they need to
  • Keep forgetting about the customer experience
  • Unsure how to leverage the benefits of the cloud – right now it just costs too much

Why Oracle Communications?

High-level objectives

  • Improving economics and service agility with a secure, reliable and scalable network and cloud infrastructure
  • Enhancing customer experiences with interactive voice and video and personalised interactions
  • Growing revenues and tap into new market opportunities with advanced digital business services and IoT solutions

Key solutions and products cater for:

  • SD-WAN
  • Monetisation, orchestration and CX
  • Enterprise communications
  • Network and border control
  • Signalling and policy

Partner opportunities


Oracle and Microsoft – strategic partners

As cloud and SaaS application adoption accelerates, so does the complexity that comes with it.

That’s why Microsoft and Oracle are working together to make the multi-cloud, multi-SaaS enterprise a reality.


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Oracle Failsafe SD-WAN

Delivering reliable communications for mission-critical applications.

Find out more about the key features and benefits, and possible use cases.


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