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Oracle Failsafe SD-WAN

Delivering reliable communications for mission-critical applications

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a network capability for routing traffic that decouples the networking hardware from the software controlling mechanism. In November 2018 Oracle completed the acquisition of Talari, the original innovators of failsafe SD-WAN technology and the leader in offering carrier-agnostic, failsafe SD-WANs. Talari have now become Oracle Communications Failsafe SD-WAN and are aimed at organisations that have mission-critical, real-time applications including VoIP, desktop virtualisation (VDI) and web/video conferencing that require high availability and predictable performance.

Key features and benefits


Key features

  • Best-in-class failsafe SD-WAN technology
  • Built for physical, virtual or cloud nodes
  • A high quality of experience (QoE) for real-time, mission-critical applications
  • Flexible architecture
  • 500+ customers and over 10,000 site deployments worldwide
  • Single, central management console
  • Licence portability
  • Pay-as-you-grow 

Key benefits

  • 50-150x bandwidth/$ versus standalone MPLS service
  • Monthly WAN costs reduced 40-80%
  • Greater reliability and app QoE than any single MPLS networks
  • Radically reduced WAN troubleshooting costs (CapEx and OpEx)
  • Non-disruptive deployment with existing MPLS and WAN optimisation solutions
  • Zero-touch IT perimeter management
  • Superior support for real-time apps, eg UCaaS and videoconferencing
  • Acquisition and budget flexibility 

Use cases

Delivering critical VoIP services

Challenge Requirement to deliver platinum VoIP quality across WAN services between regional emergency services locations, where WAN comprises private and public services of varying quality.

Outcome – Following deployment of SD-WAN appliances at critical locations, no VoIP sessions have been lost (or experienced service impacting VoIP quality issues) between regional emergency services locations. 

Delivering optimal performance and reliability

Challenge – Requirement to deliver optimal performance and reliability for all applications accessing data-centre resources, fully utilise varied WAN services in all global locations, deliver central provisioning, updating and troubleshooting of WAN services, and provide verified security architecture for data across the SD-WAN.

Outcome – SD-WAN offered both instant failover and full-time bandwidth utilisation across all WAN services. Bespoke apps, document management and data back-up could use all available WAN bandwidth and VoIP / RDP applications get priority access to best available WAN services.

Delivering VoIP and bespoke manufacturing applications suite across global corporate WANs

Challenge – Requirement to deliver VoIP and bespoke manufacturing applications suite across global corporate WANs. Significant VoIP / video-quality issues causing business impact. Data back-up needs to run overnight due to lack of available bandwidth.

Outcome – Increased WAN capacity, improved network resiliency and lowered costs. Phone calls and videoconferences are loud and clear. No VoIP / video-quality issues. Bespoke business applications are speedy and unimpeded by network congestion or link failure. 

Delivering optimal voice and video services for non-static locations

Challenge Requirement to deliver high bandwidth, resilient, secure services over mobile IP networks. Need uninterrupted voice and video across multiple LTE/4G/satellite service providers.

Outcome – Optimal voice and video services delivered across available WAN services. Visibility of network service quality and bandwidth utilisation across all services. Visibility of application health across available services.