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Our IoT vendors and solutions enable you to make sense of the huge volume of data produced by connected sensors, devices and systems. They help capture the data that matters, manage it securely, and use it to generate insights that create value and improve business outcomes.

8 billion

connected industrial IoT devices
across all verticals by 2030


$15 trillion

will be invested in IoT
by businesses by 2025


73.1 ZB

of data will generated by
IoT devices by 2025

What you need to succeed with IoT

We support the full spectrum of IoT with capabilities that include network connectivity, analytics, security, device management and data collection. Our vendor portfolio gives you the flexibility to choose the solutions, products and services that meet your unique needs. Everything you need to unleash the potential of IoT.

Network connectivity

Extend the network you know and trust to harsh environments with industrial network and automation tools

Connectivity management

Meet the needs of IT and operations with easy-to-use network management tools

Edge computing

Develop IoT applications at the edge to accelerate business outcomes and scale flexible deployments with real-time data

Data control and exchange

Simplify edge-to-multicloud data flow by efficiently extracting, transforming and delivering data to your applications

IoT/OT security

As the IoT market grows, so does the importance of securing and integrating your IoT networks. Visibility and control across the entire network is critical to protect your deployments and your business.

  • Gain visibility and control
    Know your assets and track application flows to build the right segmentation strategies and enforce OT security policies
  • Defend against IoT threats
    Protect control systems from malware, attacks and human errors to ensure production integrity, continuity and safety
  • Extend IT security to OT
    Feed your security platforms with events and context from your OT and enable collaboration between IT and OT teams


Atul Damani

Atul Damani

Head of Data and Analytics

How IoT is driving growth in the security market

IoT offers potential for global disruption and value creation, rivalling that of the internet itself (and possibly much more), but it is an immature domain where product and technology categories aren’t yet clearly established.

Security has always been an ecosystem play in the IT side, and with the convergence of IT and IoT, that ecosystem has expanded drastically. 

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How IoT is making cities smarter

However important IoT will be for business, the impact is transformative when it comes to our cities. Around the world, IoT-enabled smart cities are changing the way we live, using technology to increase the speed and efficiency of our urban services.

The results are wide ranging, from safer streets and time shaved off the daily commute, to cleaner air and water, and better quality of urban life. The adoption of 5G is fuelling these economic and social benefits because the first building block of any smart city application is reliable, pervasive wireless connectivity.

With its high-speed connectivity and ability to support more devices, 5G is enabling and empowering smart cities across the Middle East and the world to scale – making it the defining feature of the next generation of innovative smart city projects.