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Cisco Data Centre Modernisation

Data Centre Modernisation is a key driver of growth for us as a Cisco distributor, which reflects our commitment to you to help your customers stay ahead.

Why now?

Customers with existing Cisco data centre solutions are going to be notified of the end of life and Last Day of Support (LDoS) for several product lines. LDoS means the customer won’t be able to receive applicable service and support for the product(s) as entitled by active service contracts or by warranty terms and conditions.

The products approaching LDoS

  • UCS M4 Blade and Rack Servers – LDoS February 2024

  • UCS M5 Blade and Rack Servers – LDoS October 2028

Migrating from older Cisco data centre solutions like Nexus switches, such as the N3k, N5k - N7k and First Gen N9k, to newer models can bring several benefits to your customer’s network infrastructure. 1st generation Nexus 9000 hardware will be approaching its LDoS in April 2026. This includes supervisors, line cards, and fans for Nexus 5k, 6k, and 7k. 

Impact to customers

Once the LDoS occurs, support services for the designated product(s) are unavailable. Cisco data centre solution customers won’t be able to adopt new features, fix bugs, or update vulnerability patches.

Find out all you need to know about data centre modernisation opportunities and how we’ll help you help your customers.

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Why data centre modernisation is so important

IT professionals are responsible for keeping data operations centres running smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

89% of CIOs and IT leaders stress the importance of uptime and emphasise consistent performance across their infrastructure stack to drive a greater user experience as important/very important.

Increasingly complex setups present an ongoing challenge, as 79% view their environments as equally or more complex compared to two years ago. Current hybrid cloud environments cover on-premises facilities, public clouds, and edge locations.

As more businesses increase focus on environmental sustainability, data centres are being brought into the spotlight as companies set sustainability goals. Data centre power consumption is up to 50x that of a typical commercial office building.

Infrastructure modernisation will help improve energy efficiency and reduce energy expenditure while helping advance sustainability goals at the same time. For example, the M4 Generation (with a 400,000-install base) is phasing out in February 2024, while the M5 Generation is phasing out in October 2028. Upgrading to Cisco’s UCS® X-Series with M6 could reduce total power consumption by 31% or more.

What’s more, if updating to the M7 Generation of the X-Series, the reduction in power consumption rises to between 55-69%, compared to prior generations. 

The X-series is designed to optimise power and heat operations and is built future-ready to help extend equipment life.

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Data Centre Modernisation

Capture your share of the $35B Data Centre Technology modernization opportunity with Cisco Compute and Data Centre Networking. Access the materials available to support you with positioning this opportunity.