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UCS with Intersight

A next-generation data centre platform with an unrivalled management and monitoring tool

Cisco UCS is a next-generation data centre platform that unites compute, network, management, storage access and virtualisation into a cohesive system. Cisco UCS improves a data centre’s ability to dynamically respond to ongoing business needs. The system integrates a low-latency, lossless, unified fabric with enterprise-class x86 servers.

What's new in UCS?

UCS M6, UCS M5, UCS X-series AMD and Intel processors

There's a lot going on with the new UCS servers and your customers are already starting to transition apps to hybrid cloud environments. The best solution is not always the biggest or newest. 

To find the best solution you need to consider other aspects such as size, budget, immediate needs and longer-term requirements.

Our Comstor experts will support your sales teams with a deep understanding of Cisco Data Centre solutions, recurring offers, promotions and financing options.

We will help you identify the best customer journey for each data centre with a 360º approach to your customers' business requirements.

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Why choose Comstor for your UCS deals

Expert pre-sales support

Our engineers can help with measuring, sizing and designing

Dedicated data centre team

Get full support on your next project with the best promotions and expert advice

BTO capabilities

For an accelerated shipment to your customers' distributed offices

Dedicated renewals team

Our team will support you with configurations, training or anything else you may need

Periodic billing capabilities

We can invoice you in a way that will only impact your credit facility in line with the scheduled periodic payments

Cisco Customer Experience Specialisation

This recognition shows our skills in adoption, expansion and renewals

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

Cisco Intersight is a cloud-based SaaS tool that allows your customers to centrally manage all their HyperFlex and UCS devices from anywhere. It enables real-time monitoring, proactive information and networked support.

Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer is a new functionality that will be available as an option with Cisco Intersight™. It continuously optimises on-premises and cloud resources to ensure that performance, compliance and cost objectives are achieved.


Key benefits of Cisco Intersight

  • Delivers intelligent, cloud-based infrastructure management with embedded analytics
  • Allows systems to be monitored from a single management tool
  • Provides a customisable dashboard that allows users to focus on relevant information and tasks
  • Provides simplified scalability, implementation and automation
  • Offers seamless automated upgrades
  • Helps ensure consistency and eliminates configuration drift, maintaining standardisation across many systems
  • Provides proactive support
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Key benefits of Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer

  • Quickly identify systems based on name, identifier or other information
  • Monitor server configurations, alerts and health status across multiple locations
  • Track and manage firmware versions of all connected UCS and HyperFlex systems
  • Automated crash notification alerts
  • Automate the creation and submission of technical support files to Cisco Technical Centre (TAC) to expedite troubleshooting 
  • Ensure consistency and eliminate configuration errors by creating profiles
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UCS X-series modular system – unbox the future

The new Cisco UCS X-series is cloud operated, highly flexible and future ready, with more space, more available power and better efficiency to support next-generation technology.

UCS X-series represents the next decade of computing from Cisco. Built to meet the needs of a hybrid, hyper-distributed world and designed to be operated from the cloud, enabling you to quickly shape resources to the needs of workloads and continuously optimise across on-premise and cloud environments.

We have the expertise to assess the specific requirements of your customers' needs to find the best UCS solution today and in the future. 

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Intersight Managed Mode makes your work easier

Intersight Managed Mode (IMM) is a new architecture that manages the UCS Fabric Interconnected systems through a Redfish-based standard model.

Intersight Managed Mode unifies the capabilities of the UCS Systems and the cloud-based flexibility of Intersight, thus unifying the management experience for the standalone and Fabric Interconnect attached systems.

UCS rack server models with AMD

Cisco and AMD help businesses improve performance, security and hybrid cloud operations.

Building on their multi-year engagement, Cisco and AMD help customers boost performance, security and automation.

New Cisco UCS rack server models, based on the AMD EPYC™ 7003 processors, are optimised to address workload requiring high input/output (I/O) and core count compute and rich memory density.

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UCS SmartPlay

Competitive, affordable, Cisco UCS, HyperFlex and mulit-cloud solutions.

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