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Full Stack Observability from Cisco


Full Stack Visibility

Observable and optimizable stack 


Full Stack Insight

Application and business insights across stack 


Full Stack Actions

Prioritized remediations and optimizations across stack

Summary of Benefits



Market Insights

Global Technologists say:


are faced with more IT complexity than ever before and wrestle overwhelming ‘data noise’ (Source: Cisco AppDynamics Agents of Transformation Report 2021).


struggle to quickly cut through noise to identify root causes of performance issues.


face real business-impacting consequences of not having visibility and insight in the performance of the whole technology stack.

Full Stack Observability Solutions:

  • AppDynamics connects infrastructure to the impact it has on applications, and adds the business context and correlation, which enables teams to align and prioritize based on what matters most to the bottom line.
  • Cisco Secure Application protects business-critical applications no matter where they run, from the inside out at runtime, to maintain speed and uptime, while balancing risk.
  • ThousandEyes enables application performance to be correlated to the network and internet that connects users and services.





Discover content available to help you position and sell FSO to your customer base (you will need to register for the Comstor Partner Portal to access):

Position FSO to Customers

Present FSO to your customers using the Business Decision Maker (BDM) deck.





Use Cases

Discover customer use cases related to application monitoring and optimisation.






Marketing Resources

Marketing materials to help you develop your FSO GTM.






Sales Resources:

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sales priorities. Leverage these sales resources to ensure alignment and weave in components for bottom-of-funnel activities.