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Cisco Security Suites

Improve experiences, efficacy, and ROI by unifying security.

What are Cisco Security Suites?

Cisco are investing more than ever before in Security. As a leading Cisco distributor, we’re excited about the change and what it means for our partners. The seemingly disparate and unconnected collection of products has been replaced by three unified security suites – User, Cloud and Breach protection. 

Introducing Cisco Security Suites

Protecting your partners’ organisation more effectively has never been simpler with Cisco Security Suites. The suites are end-to-end solutions that increase protection while reducing the burden of your partners protecting themselves.


Cisco User Protection Suite

Partners get secure access to any application, on any device, from anywhere, to support zero-trust with zero friction.

Cisco User Protection Suite

Cisco Cloud Protection Suite

Partners get the powerful, flexible framework for a hybrid and multi-cloud world that protects all apps, data and clouds. 

Cisco Cloud Protection Suite

Cisco Breach Protection Suite

Protect partners from sophisticated threats by accelerating detection and response and simplifying experiences. 

Cisco Breach Protection Suite

A New Security Era

Historically, companies rely on multiple, siloed, point solutions to secure their business. As network environments continue to grow more complex, this patchwork approach becomes less workable and secure. It adds unnecessary complexity and creates vulnerabilities. Cisco Security Suites help strengthen security postures with a consolidated approach, protecting partners all at once, so business can grow, and scale efficiently and securely.

Cisco Security Suites bring together security tools to create comprehensive solutions whose parts work together to deliver better efficacy, better economics, and better experience.

These suites are built on zero-trust principles and leverage the power of AI to help partners secure users, protect infrastructure, and accelerate the resolution of attacks. Suites are strengthened by Cisco services to accelerate time to value. Each suite is available in two tiers—Essentials and Advantage—to match the needs of the business. Taken together, each suite extends and enhances the strengths of the others.

Let Cisco Security Suites simplify and strengthen your security

Powered by AI

Enriched context and correlated telemetry enable more efficient and effective response actions. Equip teams to protect email, networks, cloud, and endpoints with ease.

Built on zero-trust principles

Minimize risk and improve experiences to provide consistently secure access from anywhere, regardless of device or location. Reduce friction without compromising protection.

Delivered by Security Cloud

Today's complex security environments demand simplified solutions that are easy to manage. Cisco gives a comprehensive view across the IT infrastructure and stop attacks with just a few clicks.​

Explore Cisco Security Suites


Discover what you need to know about simplifying security for your partners while creating a seamless experience with maximum protection. 

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Learn how the Cisco Security portfolio helps improve efficacy, enhance the user experience, and boost ROI. 

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